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Fill in the blank, Moms!


Re: Fill in the blank, Moms!

  • Cuddling with baby on my chest and white noise has worked for me.
  • Playtime, bedtime story, warm Lavender bath and an 8oz bottle (maybe more if he's still hungry) and he babbles by himself once I pit him in his cribs and then he's out for the night! (2 Months old)
  • a good feeding, his soother, & laying him on my chest until he passes out. then i put him in his bassinet & he's out from 3-5hrs.
  • Walking for few minutes may be 4-5 minutes helps my baby to sleep nicely for hours .
  • So far just playing the song 7 Years by Lukas Graham. 
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  • Rhyming words
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    Booby! Worked every time for the first 9 months and when that failed - a drive in the car.
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  • Swaddling and white noise!
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    After feeding him half his bottle, we would swaddle him, give him the rest of the bottle(burp him) then his pacifier. Once we put him down, he would blink a few times then he's out. Or the carrier or a walk would do the trick. 
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