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  • Cuddling with baby on my chest and white noise has worked for me.
  • Playtime, bedtime story, warm Lavender bath and an 8oz bottle (maybe more if he's still hungry) and he babbles by himself once I pit him in his cribs and then he's out for the night! (2 Months old)
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  • a good feeding, his soother, & laying him on my chest until he passes out. then i put him in his bassinet & he's out from 3-5hrs.
  • Walking for few minutes may be 4-5 minutes helps my baby to sleep nicely for hours .
  • So far just playing the song 7 Years by Lukas Graham. 
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  • Rhyming words
  • Booby! Worked every time for the first 9 months and when that failed - a drive in the car.
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  • Swaddling and white noise!
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  • After feeding him half his bottle, we would swaddle him, give him the rest of the bottle(burp him) then his pacifier. Once we put him down, he would blink a few times then he's out. Or the carrier or a walk would do the trick. 
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    Laying her on my chest while patting her back after a good feed. Relaxes her and lets her feel my warmth and heartbeat. Once she’s asleep for 10 mins I move her to her crib and she sleeps for at least 2 hours
  • Turning the kitchen sink on haha. He likes the noise
  • Putting my son's sleepy owl stuffed animal on the heartbeat setting and setting it above his head in his bed
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    Lying him sideways in the crib instead of longways, and putting both my arms through the crib rails with my hands on his shoulders.  Sometimes the theme to "Friends" works also.
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