Kids Book Exchange

Has anyone ever done this before?
I just received an invitation from another mom in my moms group to participate in a kids book exchange.  I've never heard of this before. Basically, I send one book to the child in the letter and then resend the letter out to six other mommies and they do the same and it is supposed to yield us 36 books.
I just ordered the book for the girl on my letter from amazon- super easy and cheaper than paying shipping on a book I'd purchase!
While I don't expect 36 books, I don't mind mailing out one and think it would be fun to see what happens.  

Seems like a fun way to build our library.  I do feel funny sending out the letters because I don't want family members to feel obligated.  The friends I would share this with (and know I wouldn't be offended if they didn't participate) are already part of it so I have to find others to participate.  I think that is the challenge.

Thoughts?  Anyone interested in participating- send a PM and I'll mail one out to you.
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