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Hi! I am due to deliver at Good Sam in Downers Grove in August. This is my first and I was wondering how people feel about the hospital. I'd really like to do an all natural unmedicated birth and I've heard some people say they aren't for it. Does anyone know if this is true? Thanks so much!

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  • Hi there! I mostly lurk but wanted to reply.  I delivered my son at Good Sam in January.  It was a fantastic experience!  I ended up with a natural med free birth.  The nurses were very supportive.  They asked me what I wanted to do about my pain management, but definitely didn't force anything on me.  The staff in the post-partum area are wonderful as well, very responsive when you call them.  I called several times because my baby was crying and wasn't sure what to do (first baby as well).  They are VERY pro-breastfeeding and I saw 3 different lactation consultants.  However, if you want to do formula, they are supportive of that as well and even told me that giving a bottle of formula once in a while to get a break is not going to kill your breastfeeding efforts.  My husband was also pretty comfortable on the beds they have for the support person, well as comfortable as you can be in a hospital.  Overall, I would recommend that hospital and if I have another one, I will still choose to deliver there even though I pass 2 other hospitals on my way there.

  • im also delivering at good sam but in july and would love pain free! everyone i talk to loved good sam
  • I just delivered my son 6/10 at Good Sam and had the best experience there. I did elect to have an epidural, but I did not feel any pressure about it at all. In fact, I was the one asking for it more than it being pushed. The nurses are beyond amazing and so supportive before, during and after labor. I concur about the lactation consultants. The one I had was a bit aggressive so be prepared. All in all I would deliver there again in a heartbeat!
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