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Obgyn? Hospital? Any recommendations?


I went today to my 1st prenatal OBGYN visit and was very disappointed. Thought I would have an ultrasound and finally a picture of my little peanut....but at my visit I found out they don't do ultrasounds in the office, also don't do blood work in the office - have to find a laboratory. Only had a Pap smear .... I'm 10w6d today .... I saw a perinatal specialist at 5w2d and 6w3d and had ultrasounds than .... Called the perinatal specialist doctor back as I was so upset and asked if I could have an ultrasound this week and have an appointment with the perinatal specialist Friday.....

I was not happy with the OBGYN's patient approach .... I told him I was diagnosed with a uterine abnormality about 4 years ago and rather than keeping the atmosphere positive he automatically asked me if I was offered surgery to correct it ..... I felt like I was being given no chance....

Am I being irrational for being upset? What type of experiences did you have during your visits and do you have any recommendations??

Hospitals? Doctors? I'm willing to get a second opinion and switch doctors for better care during my pregnancy.

Thank you for letting me vent and in advance for your advice.

Re: Obgyn? Hospital? Any recommendations?

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    I'm at NYU Langone. I have seen several negative reviews (some people find the doctors to be rude), but I have had a really great experience
    with them so far. I think of the doctors as being businesslike--they have to get to their next appointment so it's clear they don't want you to ask them 1,000 questions. I don't mind that at all and have found them to be friendly. And they LOVE doing ultrasounds.

    There are two locations I visit: the ultrasound location, which is also where high risk patients have their regular appointments, and the hospital itself, where Maternal Fetal Medicine is housed and I have my actual doctor's appointments. The two offices are within walking distance of each other. And they take blood there (though of course it is sent out to a lab for processing).
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