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Painful latch, Lip/Tongue Tie?

My LO is 12 days old and we have been having a very difficult time with breastfeeding, so much so that I have been pumping 90% of the time and just bottle feeding her Breast Milk. We saw a lactation consultant today who confirmed she has a severe upper lip tie and moderate tongue tie which is preventing her from getting a deep latch which in turn causes a whole lot of pain when she ends up chewing on my nipple! We are going to a Pediatric Dentist tomorrow to have the ties clipped, has anyone else done this and did it make a big differing in the comfort of Breastfeeding?

Re: Painful latch, Lip/Tongue Tie?

  • I had the same problem (tongue tie) in my now one week old. It was diagnosed at 4 days and she had it clipped today. She latched onto both breasts and had a full feeding from the Breast immediately. The latch was so much more comfortable and my baby wasn't as distressed. Work with the LC they're amazing.
  • My first had severe tongue tie which had to be corrected at about 8 hours old. He was completely unable to eat. (He didn't even have meconium, meaning he couldn't swallow amniotic fluid before birth.) He kept attempting to latch but was unable. After correction, he was pretty p*ssed for a few days, then he figured things out and nursed until his first birthday.

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