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Apnea monitor

I posted this in February too but I was just curious to see if any Jan mama's had any input.
Has anyone's LO been on an apnea monitor? My daughter is on one for her reflux... she only had a few apneas when she was in the nicu (mostly just bradys), but now she only has bradys. Normally they only happen when she chokes while she is eating. I was just wondering if being on a monitor is common for reflux babies? Apnea center wants her to go a month without a Brady before taking her off but pediatrician thinks she may be fine to come off now bc she always self recovers in less than 5 seconds. I just don't see her going a whole month without a drop in hr because of the amount she chokes while eating. I'm having mixed feelings about taking her off and was wondering if anyone else had any experience with this?

She was only in nicu for 10 day and is 9 weeks old now.


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