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Uterine Septum and Provera

Hi all! I am new to the group! Hoping you can help answer some questions about Provera for me! 

2/27/15 Lap/Hyst by my RE to remove a medium sized Uterine Septum. Found minimal endo on space between bladder and uterus, some adhesions removed, too. Recovery took a few weeks (I chose to have mine removed before any pregnancies).

No AF after surgery, did bloodwork, and progesterone was 0.05, no ovulation.

Starting CD37 Took Provera 10mg for 5 days. Now I am 13 days past my last pill (CD 54) and still no AF. Dr. says to wait 14 days, then I will go back for more bloodwork.

Anyone else have experiences like this with Provera and super late/No AF? I am supposed to start Clomid after I get AF this cycle. Thanks so much :)

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