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Anyone Nesting yet?

Ok it's my Easter Holidays (UK teacher) and instead of kicking back and relaxing I have ripped out and retiled my bathroom, made shelves for extra storage. Fixed and made a rabbit run/hutch, dug out,cleaned and rearrange my conservatory, cleaned up my garden, planted new plants. Today I'm going in the loft to un junk it, next weekend we're emptying the garage (it's so full the door doesn't shut) and I'm going to rip up the carpets in the room that will be the nursery. *phew!*

Anyone else feel like this?

Re: Anyone Nesting yet?

  • Not to that extent, mostly because I've been busy at work, but I've definitely done a lot more cleaning/rearranging lately. And I'm making piles of lists of baby related things to do, read or buy.
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  • abs99abs99 member
    Wow @BubbaJones85 - impressive! We are closing on a house in the next 2 weeks and then will start updating it! I am itching to get going and hoping I am not stuck on bed rest or anything when that time comes!
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  • You are a rockstar! I really need to get started on my garden. Our landlord hasn't come by to mow the lawn since January and it is a right old mess. We don't have any equipment to do it or I would have started maintaining it myself weeks ago. I can get started with the garden boxes though. You've inspired me!

  • Yes, but I only get as far as planning, not execution. I'm just trying to keep my house in order with a 2 yr old!

    Way to go! It's awesome to work on it now when you have good energy!!

  • Yes, and it is GLORIOUS! I'm so happy I've been able to clean and organize. The first trimester was a disaster because I couldn't do anything :|
  • Yes! I cleaned out my closet and then went through the entire downstairs and cleaned and declutted. I donated 10 bags of stuff to goodwill. Today, I start the upstairs bed room, which I have to turn into the baby's room. I've been able to get rid of stuff I've been undecided about for years.

  • Must wash everything! And it's exhausting! I have spent most of my weekend at the laundy mat. I've washed all the bedding and curtains and every stitch of clothing in the house. I just can't stop. I'm actually posting this from the laundy place waiting for my loads to dry
  • Haha, I've been watching HGTV non-stop for the last month, I love all the remodeling and house hunters shows! I am also planning on getting my garden going soon. Man I can't wait to decorate my nursery. I am not usually this domestic, so I know it's the pregnancy! ;)

  • Yes!! I'm so into throwing away excess materials - lots of trips to drop off donations lately!!

    I've also - with the help of my husband who seems to be "nesting" nearly as much as I am! - we have nearly finished the nursery: it's painted, new carpet, crib, dresser, bookcase, changing pad, glider - all done!! Just need to swap out for a re ceiling fan and get some shelves, then just the occasional decorative items and it's done! Haha I am a MAJOR organizer and love getting things checked off the to-do list, so I'm a little ahead...I live in Phoenix so I figure having things done before the summer is a good thing - I probably won't want to be so active when it's 115 out!!
  • If gardening counts, I definately am!
  • That is some bad ass nesting mama! @BubbaJones85 I've been cleaning out the closet and moving stuff we rarely use to the garage. Space is extremely limited so we're doing our best to make room for baby! I also tend to clean/organize daily and do tons of laundry just to stay on top of everything, but I was the 'nesting' type before I ever even got pregnant haha!
  • We are in the process of moving house. It's driving me crazy! My house is half in boxes and half just out. It feels so incomplete! I won't have any baby things until we are in the new house. If the bank does not get a move on they are going to have an extremely hormonal mess visiting!
  • Yes!! I have been making myself from room to room on the weekend making plans to literally rotate furniture, re organize, clean ect. It's so bizarre because once I get something in my mind I can't not go through with it and as of this weekend it all involved spending money! Lol hubby's not happy.
    And for whatever reason, I now have a obsession with detail. Everything needs to have perfect symmetry, fung shui etc etc
    Loll poor DH!
  • kjs08kjs08 member
    Kudos to you! 

    I've been having cleaning binges the last couple weeks. I went through and completely cleaned and put away everything in my kitchen and last week I went through the closet in what will become the baby's room and organized/tossed crap we didn't need (we moved into this place 5 months ago and had just "thrown" stuff places till we found time to go through it). I still need to tackle our storage unit off our deck, which maybe I'll get done this weekend, and fix the mess it became. I had hung my bike on the wall in it and even with the heavy duty anchors, it still fell. Time to find the damn stud and make sure the sucker doesn't fall again!
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  • Yes, like crazy! My poor husband had to completely rearranged our bedroom yesterday to get ready for a glider we haven't even picked out yet :)
  • I think I'm always "nesting" because I clean when I stress or I'm bored. But lately, I haven't had the motivation due to the fact that my kitchen/family room are being totally renovated - down to the studs in the walls. Everything is displaced, so I can't seem to get a grip on organization, let alone cleaning. I'm really looking forward to the project being over so that I can get back to normal!
  • I have been somewhat. Mostly cleaning around the house and a couple of weeks ago I became obsessed with curtains. I feel like curtains made my house feel so much more like a home. 
  • I just got the carpets cleaned yesterday. I pretty much picked up and donated things in the process of picking things up off the ground and moved every single piece of furniture around. Took down all my curtains and washing and pressing them now while reading the bump in between. Redoing laundry with DS old clothes to get ready his new baby brother. I am a clean happy as is but I am going overboard with most of my chores so I am guessing it's the nesting.
  • I am in full on nesting mode, but have no nest! We are in this really awkward stage in between places. I can't wait to move and start nesting even though it will be a very tiny space. No nursery for us :(
  • I'm totally there with you. This weekend we got my son moved into the bigger bedroom and I got everything boxed up for a garage sale next month and got the baby's room all cleared out ready for her new furniture once I paint it. Now that my energy is back, I want to get everything done all at once. My husband keeps reminding me that I need to rest and I do cause after yesterday's activity I was couch ridden the rest of the night with cramps and swollen feet. Darn these nesting tendencies.
  • I think I was born nesting, I can't tell if this is different or not. :)
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