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Self weaning at 17 mo?

Something really weird just happened. DD is 17 months and I have always nursed her before bed. So tonight I take her in her room as usual and when I latch her on, it's really painful and feels like she's biting, so I unlatch her and try again, same thing. Try the other breast, same thing. Then I turn the light on to see what is happening. Try again, same thing. She bit down, then closed her lips and pulled off the breast, with an almost confused face, like she forgot how to latch. Very, very strange. All of this trying over and over was upsetting her, so I just held her and rocked her, and put her down without nursing her, and she went right to sleep. 

Earlier tonight we went out to eat, and she got a bite of food in her mouth that seemed to burn her mouth. But then she proceeded to eat a whole bunch of food after that and it didn't seem to be bothering her. I don't know if that could have anything to do with this? Or does it sound like she is refusing, possibly self weaning? I was planning to nurse at least until 2, and she has always loved nursing so much, I never dreamed she would self wean before then. Thoughts?? 
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