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Heartbeat, chances of miscarriage drop?

Is it true? I saw the little flicker on the screen at 9 weeks :-) did my chances of miscarriage drop? U/s technician said it's not true ! :-/ I'm too impatient to wait for 12 weeks argh..

Re: Heartbeat, chances of miscarriage drop?

  • My dr told me that once you see the heartbeat chances of a miscarriage drop to 5%.
  • Thanks! Makes me feel a little better
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  • Yes my dr said that the rate drops to 5% once heart beat is seen. I don't know that the ultrasound tech is qualified to give advice on that one way or the other. I would ask your doctor if you're concerned about it :)
  • I'm a doctor - 5% is accurate after a 7-8 week ultrasound with heart beat. Congrats!
  • When is 0% ?
  • When is 0% ?

    When they are born unfortunately. There are sadly no guarantees during pregnancy. That's why they want you to perform kick counts everyday when you can feel movement.
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    I actually heard that it drops to only 25% after you hear a good heart rate before 12 weeks. After 12 weeks then it drops to 1% if everything is still looking good.

    At least that's what my doc told me. ETA: always possible that I misunderstood

  • The chance of miscarriage drops every day but after 8 weeks if a HEALTHY heartbeat is seen the chance of miscarriage drops to just under 5%. Those words were spoken to me by my RE in person and in an email I still have. He's been quoted on various articles on his website as well. Of course someone still has to fall in that 5%. I've been one of them. If you don't see a strong heartbeat then of course your odds are higher than 5%. And if you see a healthy heartbeat at 6 weeks you're still in a fairly high miscarriage category. Most pregnancies end early if they're going to end.

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