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Pregnant after 35

New-mom must-haves no one tells you about

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We hear all the time from our new moms that they feel inundated with too many so-called “must-haves”. We’re here to let you in on our secret: 11 items that will actually make your life easier. (Don’t worry, you can thank us later!)

What baby products do you swear by?


Re: New-mom must-haves no one tells you about

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    @wagvan "padcicle" - lol! Love it!
  • I second nosefrida! Amazing for clearing your poor LO's snotty nose :)
    Also thanks for the reminders from the above ladies on the post birth self care... This is my third and I even have forgotten about a couple of those! PS I will try depends this time ... So convenient!!
  • If you plan to use or have pacifiers, get some glow in the dark ones for night time when trying to get some sleep.

    Nosefrida, triple paste or any 40% zinc diaper cream and lots of the cheap Gerber cloth diapers for burping and messes.
  • The abdominal wrap they give you (at least most hospitals do) after a c-section.  It made all the difference in my ability to move around after surgery and helps with the aches and pains too.
  • Magic Merlin sleep suit, wub a nub pacifiers, crib sheet savers, and Boppy makes these liners for the changing table.  These were al
    major game changers for us!
  • And, Benadryl - I felt like the worst mom ever when I had to run to a drug store after finding out my son was allergic to dairy.  A must have for the medicine cabinet!
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    Ring sling, ergo, Aden & Anias - double as nursing covers & burp cloths, rock n play. Those are my favorites! 

    Eta: if you are nursing nipple butter and lanolin a to alternate with! 
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  • Oh yes, wub a nubs! 
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  • Pedialite and a baby wear carrier with straps. Not the wrap one
  • The cheapie cloth diapers make the best burp cloths and i keep doggie poop bags in my diaper bag for disposing of diapers and now for wrapping anything from leftovers to wet clothes. Later of the ezpz mat is good to get and 360 cups.  Diaper weight sizes are almost always wrong.  When you start getting blowouts go up a size.
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  • Swaddlers
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  • Stock the baby's medicine cabinet: acetaminophen, simethicone gas drops, nasal saline and bulb syringe, petroleum jelly, thermometer, diaper cream. Hopefully you don't need most of it, but it will save you a 2am trip to the pharmacy if you do.
    Yes! Minus the petroleum jelly and diaper cream. I would add coconut oil ( this is the only thing I ever used on my son for all over moisture, rashes, as a diaper cream).   
  • Disposable breast pads large. Because when you feed the baby on one side early weeksvthe other side spontaneously leaks ! Drenching your bra
  • Me Too! And they look so much nicer now vs years ago
  • For anyone breastfeeding, take Sunflower Lecithin daily. It is HUGELY helpful in preventing plugged milk ducts and mastitis.

    And for that rare rare case if you get mastitis anyway, Happy Ducts homeopathic tincture clears it up faster than antibiotics. 

    I wish I would’ve known about these 2 products with my first two babies; it would’ve saved me a ton of pain and suffering!
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    All of those sound good, but I will stay away from petroleum jelly. I just found out a year ago that petroleum is a #1 carcinogen made from gasoline. Once I found that out I have thrown out everything that has it in it. I was a maternal newborn RN and used to suggest it to parents. Now I regret it with the knowledge I have. Our skin is our biggest organ and whatever we put on it is absorbed. Just food for thought
  • Zip up hoodies are great for the early weeks. Easy to open up for skin to skin and breastfeeding. 
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