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Weaning and Trying for 2nd

For moms who breastfed and have gone back to trying, how did you stop nursing when your little one love it? I am so torn. Little one didn't like nursing until 6 weeks old and we overcome so much and finally I met my goal of one year and want to start prep for 2nd especially I haven't got my period yet since giving birth and I had irregular period due to PCOS.

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  • I also have PCOS and do not cycle on my own.  I need supplements to cycle that are not recommended during nursing.  I weaned DD1 at 15 months to TTC, it went pretty smoothly.  I just cut out one session at a time and then I was out of town for a friend's wedding for 2 nights and that kind of sealed the deal.  Instead of nursing we would still cuddle while she was offered a cup of something & we read books while we snuggled.

    I really regret pushing weaning though.  I went on to get pregnant quickly once my cycle was back in place & had a 2nd tri loss.  So I've had this huge regret that I pushed her to wean before she was truly ready and it backfired in my face and ended up being for no good reason.  So with DD2 I didn't do that.  She just weaned a couple weeks ago.  Again, I had a weekened trip and when I came home she had just moved on.

    Obviously I would never wish loss on anyone, I just wanted to share that b/c of the regret I carry about it and how it led me to do things differently with DD2.  Good luck with your decision and I hope it goes ok for both of you.

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    I gradually weaned my breastfeeding addicted baby at 14 months (she never once took a bottle- though we tried every brand on the market!) I started by switching one feeding a day (night time) with organic whole milk from a sippy cup for one week. Then each following week we replaced an addition bf session with milk and within a month we were done with no struggle or engorgement! I highly recommend taking it slow. I think this also helped my body by allowing it to slowly adjust to the hormonal changes as well. Good luck!!
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  • I started replacing with a mix of pumped milk and cow's milk in a sippy cup, but I still nursed to sleep for naps and bed. Once that was established, we cut out one at a time and replaced with rocking / cuddles before sleep. Bedtime feed was the last to go.

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  • I didn't wean....with my first she was 18 months before I ovulated again, and then with my second baby she was only 12 months when I ovulated again.  
  • I haves slowly weaned twice so I could ovulate again. I may have waited longer this last time but my age is now a factor too.
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