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Breast Pump Bag

I am curious what you use to tote your pump and supplies back and forth to work!

Do you use the bag that came with your pump?

Did you improvise with a different bag, such as a 31 bag?

Did you buy a specific bag for pumps separate? This is what I am leaning towards as it can double as my purse too.  But I am not sure if it is worth the cost?
Such as:

Thoughts and experiences appreciated!

Re: Breast Pump Bag

  • I am wondering the exact same questions. I got the PISA without the bag and I'm wondering if you really need a special bag made for a breast pump or can I try to use a messenger bag or something similar? Hopefully some mamas respond. Thanks.
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    I just put my pump in my (large) purse and carry the parts in a Zip lock. I put milk in with my lunch so it stays cool. No need for a special bag.
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  • I don't bring my pump home, it stays at work. I bring the parts and bottles back and forth in a soft sided cooler that fits in my work bag. If you don't plan on pumping at home why tote it back and for the?
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