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Naked drinks

has anyone been told that those odwalla and naked drinks are bad to have while pregnant? I have been craving the vitamin c ones like crazy so I have been buying them thinking they were good for me. But my mom was lecturing me about not being processed or having salmonella scares or something? I honestly have no idea what she was trying to say, but is there a downside to those drinks?

Re: Naked drinks

  • I was checking the labels last time I was at the store and I know the Bolthouse ones said they were flash pasteurized if that helps?? :)
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  • Is that good? Haha I guess I never thought about it. Just that it was fresh veggies and fruit in my mind.
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  • Oh I never thought about that either! I don't know if pasturization is necessary for fruit and veggie juice. I drank a whole bunch of the naked and odwalla at the beginning of my pregnancy. I'm alright! But that's definitely something worth looking into
  • Yes, juices should be pasteurized in pregnancy. If memory serves me right they are also pasteurized.
  • They are pasteurized. I've never seen a non pasteurized juice sold at supermarkets. Sometimes cider at local places isn't pasteurized, but that's all I've come across

  • I think as far as safety goes they're okay, but they are made with GMOs which was the big deal because they claim to be "all natural." I used to drink them, but they have 30+grams of sugar in one drink so I don't drink them anymore
  • I never thought about that and I've actually had a few naked drinks :(
  • Everything in moderation! If you crave them then have one as a special treat. Yes lots of sugar and unfortunately not all natural like they claim. But pasteurized juice takes away most of the good stuff anyway which really annoys me how much pregnant women are told to stay away from unpasteurized fruit juice. I totally understand it is a smart precaution but it's best to just invest in your own blender and make it yourself, most of the reason they say don't do it is because you don't know what happened during the process, but at home you can ensure your fruit and veggies are cleaned off properly. Eating the real thing is all ways better.
  • I have the naked protein drink every once in a while but I don't think they are too bad to have. I always go by the saying everything is in good moderation.
  • I think most of the drinks you will find at the grocery store are pasteurized, plus they will have a warning label if they don't. I miss my whole foods fresh squeezed juices :( but they were not pasteurized and had very clear warning labels.
  • Flash pasteurizing isn't the same as regular pasteurizing. My Dr. told me to avoid anything that is flash pasteurized and unpasteurized. I used to love Odwalla drinks too, but I'm making my own smoothies now as a substitute. 
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