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  • LolaX2LolaX2
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    Finally had our one year check up today. DD is a peanut at 27.5 inches long and 18 lbs 12 oz. She was such a champ and didn't even cry at all from her shots...just one little whimper then she sucked her fingers and snuggled into my chest! She was smiling and babbling again before we even left the office. I took her to the dairy isle for a special lunch before bringing her back to daycare and she was so good. 
  • kmos816kmos816
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    29.25 inches and 19 lbs 4 oz! She is right in the middle with height and about 40th for weight- such a change as she used to be like 97th for height and 15th for weight!!!

    The doctor didn't even ask if she was walking and/or talking and said her temper tantrums are a good thing!
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  • My LO was 22.4 pounds and 31 inches at one year! Long and lean!
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  • 27lbs and 32 inches!
    Still haven't had the one year shots though... He has a fever today. Booked again next week, hopefully the third time's the charm!
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