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please tell me it gets easier

I have have had 6 losses and have 2 beautiful children, but I cannot get past the feeling of dread in my stomach that something is going to go wrong, I think after every scan I will feel better, but I am ok for a few hours then it starts again, i have another scan tomorrow and I am hoping that I feel better after I see everything is ok, but then I keep thinking, what happens if it isnt ok :(

Re: please tell me it gets easier

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    You have reason to worry and it's completely normal. I've had 2 losses and do still have some fear. I use my fetal doppler when I feel anxious. It seriously keeps me sane. I might not use it for a few days, then maybe everyday for a couple days. I think until I constantly feel baby move, I'll be anxious. I hope you start feeling better soon. It's hard being anxious all the time.
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    thanks, ive been debating getting a doppler, but my midwife advised against as it will stress me out if I dont find the heartbeat
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    When do you start feeling the baby move?  Try not to stress,it's not good for you or baby! :) 
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    I've had multiple losses too. During my last pregnancy I didn't stop worrying until our daughter was born
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