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Just wondering if there are any moms out there that have had a natural birth at Brookwood - did you have a good experience and was the hospital as supportive of natural births as they claim to be? TIA!!

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  • Would love to hear any information as well!
  • A friend of mine delivered at Brookwood a couple of years ago and knew she wanted a natural birth. The baby was breech presentation in the weeks leading up to delivery and her doctor still let her deliver naturally. The only requirement was that she be on her back when she started pushing so the doctors could see the baby better. I think if the baby hadn't been breech, she could have pushed however she wanted.
  • They're very supportive and allow you to do a birth however you choose as long as both you and baby are healthy and not in danger. If you get to be in danger or baby is in danger they will intervene but the staff is very supportive. :)
  • There's a super supportive OB of natural birth in Anniston, if you don't mind the drive - he has mamas come from all over to deliver with him ( lots from B'ham and Huntsville, even a few from GA and TN)! His name is Dr Joshua Johannson at Cheaha Women's Health and Wellness. His practice has a Facebook page you can check out. He's very supportive of VBACs and he loves working with doulas. He's amazing at spinning breech babies. The hospital he delivers at (RMC) is Alabama's first Baby-Friendly hospital. I had my natural birth with him - he was amazing and supported every single decision I made (using the labor-tub, no IV, delayed cord-clamping, no routine pitocin after birth, etc). He has 5 kids of his own. He even is a board certified IBCLC and has a breastfeeding medicine clinic - he's familiar with tongue ties and revises them. He founded babycafe.
    My previous OB wasn't supportive at all of natural birth (very condescending about it actually) and pressured me into many interventions and even made me feel really dumb about it all.
    Anyhow, looking forward to another natural birth with Dr Johannson! This will be my 4th baby :)

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