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Want to be a Stay At Home Mom

I have a 2 year old daughter and me and my boyfriend are TTC. I want to be a SAHM, I plan to start my home bakery business to income (already getting things ready to start the business I.e. Licensing etc.) at the moment by boyfriend brings home about $1300 a month. Does anyone have any similar experiences? What do other SAHM do for extra income? Pm me if interested in talking more. :)

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  • Can you live off of $1300 a month? It could take quite a while to build up a customer base to bring in enough to actually be an added income. There is no way we could live off that little.
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  • I don't think we could make it work at 1300/month. Maybe consider working evening/weekend shifts or watching a few kids in your home during the day for some extra money until your bakery business gets going?
  • I know the feeling. DH and I really wanted me to be a SAHM too but we can't afford it so I will be going back to work 3 days a week and my sister and I are starting a crafting business.
  • A lot of it depends on where you live. I'm my area you'd be lucky to rent a room for 1300 a month, let alone support a family off of that much. But, it's all relative. Where you live things might be different. The general advice is to have your housing expenses be no more than 33% of your income. 
    That being said, we did make it for a couple of years with ours being closer to 50%, but it was really tough. 
    Also, most moms who work from home say that they still need some kind of childcare, so even though you might be able to bring in more money, count on having some out of pocket childcare expenses. 
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  • Wow, I think it would be very difficult to live off of $1300 a month. Can your BF try to find a better job? Does he have a college degree? If not, is it possible for him to work on getting one? Then maybe you can plan for a baby after his schooling is complete and he has a better job? Personally, DH and I actively avoided getting pregnant during the early parts of his recently-finished graduate studies program (MBA), to help guarantee he'll have a good job by the time baby comes (of course there are no complete guarantees regarding the job, but we wanted to increase the odds in our favor as much as possible, hence waiting until his MBA was nearly finished to try for a baby).
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  • wow, I feel like your housing expense would be at least half of that (where I live its hard to find even a rental for less than $1000 a month).  We spend about $800 on groceries alone a month, but we also live in the North East where cost of living is a little higher.

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