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Breastfeeding...sleeping through the night

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those of you who are BF & your LO is sleeping through the night, are you doing the same or are you still getting up to pump?

Re: Breastfeeding...sleeping through the night

  • I personally cannot go more than 6 hours max without either pumping or nursing. She has been nursing for the last time at night between 730-8. I will pump before I go to bed for the night and that usually gets me through til she wakes up between 4-430. There are times though I wake up around 1 or 2 in agony and will either pump or go ahead and wake her to see if she will nurse a little just to relieve my engorgement. I know I've been told not to wake a sleeping baby but I'm lucky that at night she eats and passes right back out.
  • I try to pump before bed which helps me get through the night without getting engorged. If I go to sleep without doing it, I wake up in pain and have to get up to pump.
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  • Following this board because I'm interested too. Not only because I'm worried of enforcement. But also because milk supply becoming diminished...?
  • I actually wake my LO up if I wake up in pain.. Bad parent? :/ He goes right back to sleep and sleeps longer still.
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    I just dealt with the engorgement and let my body adjust over a few days.  And I eventually stopped being engorged.  I was nervous about milk supply but haven't had any issues, so far still exclusively bf at 3 months.  To make up for sleeping at night, she nurses more frequently and or longer during the day.  Our bodies know what to do :)

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  • This is what I have done too. If you are in pain, pump or feed JUST enough to take the edge off. Your body is amazing and will adjust in 2-3 days. As long as you keep doing a full feed or full pump, your telling your body you still need it to make milk at that time. My guy has been sleeping 11-12 hours for 4 weeks now and my body adjusted. Hope this helps!
  • I've been letting my body adjust to his rythum of needs. The nights i wake up with discomfort, my son wakes up shortly there after. I've been exclusively bf and he's slept his nights since 4 weeks.
  • I just nurse when she needs it when it gets close to bedtime I nurse her then put her to bed (around 8-9) she'll usually wake up at 3-4 so I nurse her back to sleep Ive woken up in pain a few times but not for awhile and she nurses more frequently during the day which makes up for those sleeping hours and tells my body she still needs milk
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