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legit single mom

Me and DF live in different  cities  hes 5 hrs away from me so i will be raising  this child  mostly  on my own i gave thought about moving  closer to him and his family but right now its not  possible  i have too much going on in my city to just up and leave unfortunately  i have no type  of help in my city no family  or responsible  friend so im very stress but still optimistic  that everything  will  work  out fine i was wondering  is there any other mom out there  that  is going  through  this? What is your game plan  on being  a single  mom? How  do you feel  about it? Im

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  • If you have no family or responsible friends in your city, it may not be the best place to be. I don't know what you have going on there (you just said you have too much going on to leave) but if you don't have any solid family/friend connections there, I can't imagine what the huge draw is to stay. If there was any way to raise my child with both parents around, a city that didn't have any connections for me would not be enough to stop me from trying to move closer to my SO to make that happen.
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    Hes not my SO anymore  just DF which is reason 1why  i dont see a point in moving  towards  him also i have a nice job and a new side job so im okay when i take 6 weeks off to have the baby and heal  plus i find my city easier  to get around  in and dont want to change I'm  comfortable. I wrote  this post more so to connect  with other single moms and get  a idea on what they plan to do when  the baby come and how they're feeling  about taking  on this role. This isnt one of those woe me post just  wanna hear from single  moms
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  • I wasn't clear on if you were referring to him as an ex or a fiancé. In that case, I see your point ;-)

  • mrsb30 said:

    I wasn't clear on if you were referring to him as an ex or a fiancé. In that case, I see your point ;-)

    I thought df meant fiancé as well!

    I was confused as well and was not understanding how someone with a fiance was a "single" mother, but this makes more sense now. OP, is he planning to be involved in the baby's life? Has he considered moving closer to you?

  •  Lol i use df as the father thats what i always thought it meant  oops anyways idk how involved  hell be and im not even  stressing it im more concerned  about  myself  and  my  child i feel like he should  move toqards me but he rather play football  coach and run his family  tacky  restaurant  
  • This is my second time being a single mom. I went through my first pregnancy all alone and I'm going through this one alone, but I do have lots of family to help. Since you have no family or friends here is it all possible for you to move? I know you said you have slot going on which I'm assuming is school and work but is there anyway to transfer to be closer to him. I wasn't with either of my children's fathers but if I was I would want to be close to him and let him be there for me during my pregnancy
  • I love being a single mom and, to be honest, I prefer it.

    The biggest thing you can do is have someone you trust to leave baby with. It's so much better for you and baby if you're not stressing about baby being safe and everything. Once you have that, everything else will fall into place if you're determined enough to make it work.
  • I don't know what your financial situation is but maybe look nto hiring a mothers aide or something.
  • DF= Dear Fiance, that's why everyone was confused.
  • I'm not a single mom but when we had the baby we moved to be closer to my in laws and even though I don't love the place we live, it's worth it to have the help and support of people that I can trust and love my baby. Best wishes to you and baby!
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