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white spot on heart.. extra urine in one kidney twins

Hi ladies so I am current 18wks pregnant with twins .. At our scan last week we found out that baby A has Echogenic focus of the heart which basically means a white spot on the heart it doesn't effect the function nor is it considered a heart deffect but does increase the chances of DS... Twin B has hydronephrosis which means there is a over accumulation of urine in the kidney so the cut off before it's not a normal amount is 4 ml my baby is at 6ml I was told that this is also a indicator of down syndrome.. They explained that we could have a amniocentesis test for both babies but it is risky and we could have a miscarriage, so we opted out. We did have our 15wk blood screen and that was normal we were at low risk for ds but the MFM pointed out that it's only 60% accurate in twins.. We will love these boys reguardless but I was just wondering if anyone has experienced one or both of these issues and did the kidney dialation correct itself ?? Btw we were measuring 2 wks ahead and our babies each weighed 9oz and were otherwise heathly and growing great!

Ps . I did post in high risk pregnancy but have had no reponses so I posting here in hopes some of you mamas can give me a idea of what you went through if you had any of these issues

Re: white spot on heart.. extra urine in one kidney twins

  • One of my BF's and I were just talking about this yesterday. She was told her son had the spot on his heart too. She is a nurse so she understands enough to make herself crazy - she was a wreck. Long story short, she was over visiting here yesterday with both of her sons, the one with the spot on his heart is now 4 and healthy as can be! I think it is far more common than you would think. I agree with opting out of the amnio based on the risks and the fact that you will love your little fellas no matter what. It is also a great sign that your blood screen was normal. Try not to stress, I know that is easier said than done...but try not to, it won't do any good and the odds are your boys will be just fine!

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  • Thank you @Miz_Liz. I think it was they way the Dr was explaining it to me it was just so over whelming and then when she pointed out baby bs kidney the worry set in and it has be so hard to shake .. I think I'm more of a wreck with the kidney since it can affect the amino fluid (so far he has a great amount of fluid) ughh.. But Thank you for sharing her success in a normal healthy boy all I want is for them to be healthy!
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  • Totally normal to freak out when they are telling you anything scary with your children! I would recommend making a list of questions now that you have had some time to wrap your head around it and giving your Dr a call - maybe ask things like odds of it impacting the fluid, how often they see this and it turns out to be completely fine, etc.

  • There is an EIF on my LO's heart as well. We did opt out of the amnio but did the Maternity 21 blood test. It was negative. I don't know how accurate it is in twins.
    The Focus is considered a soft marker if it is the only marker on the child. We were told it will resolve itself.
    I don't know anything about urine in the kidneys but have your boys in my prayers. There are severl posts about EIF as well.
  • My last child had her A/S at 18 weeks and showed two markers for Downs Syndrome.  She had the hydronephrosis and she was missing the middle bone in her pinky fingers.  The perinatologist tried to bully us into a amnio (like seriously kept pushing and telling us it was the only option etc...), but I refuse to run that risk even if its slight.  After much worrying and discussion and finally acceptance we had a follow up scan at 21 weeks and both markers were completely gone.  Both issues resolved themselves on their own.  I hope your dr. has scheduled a follow up U/S for you to check on the hydronephrosis.  if your are having boys I have heard it is common for them to have a "kink" in their ureters which can cause the excess urine build up.  If the baby continues to have hydronephrosis, there are actions that can be taken right after birth to help alleviate the problem.  Good luck to you and FXFY that everything turns out okay!
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  • I'm so so so sorry you're going through this, I know it can be very scary, especially with two babies. I just wanted to mention that I myself have hydronephrosis and have had it since I was a baby. It has never really caused any problems for me except for somewhat frequent UTI's and the occasional bout of kidney pain. They told me if it gets really bad, they will put a stint in to drain the extra fluid, but otherwise no treatment necessary. Usually these kinds of issues can resolve themselves naturally, and like others have said, I'm hoping they offer you more ultrasounds to continue to monitor your sweet little guys progress :)
  • Hey! I'm right there with you with the hydronephrosis. Un/fortunately I have a bit of medical background which is good and bad in these situations. When the dr told me he had one pelvic kidney and the other kidney had slight hydronephrosis I went into panic/research mode, but once he sat me down, he stated it usually resolves on its own and I shouldn't worry yet (sorry big run on)
    I did find hydronephrosis is the number one thing found on the 20 week ultrasound as wel as if it continues (fingers crossed for both of us!) the prognosis is very good.
    I have my follow up ultrasound Monday, and I hope it is either resolved or the dr has some reassuring advice! But he did not seem too "concerned" at that time (love my doc btw)
  • I had our 20 week scan today and they showed 2 soft markers. One was the echogenic focus and another was the choroid cysts on the brain. That is all of the information I have. I'm waiting for a call to schedule a level II scan. The midwife said these issues usually turn out to be nothing and they are just being thorough. It's hard not to worry when you get concerning news about your baby. Please update, I will do the same.
  • Thank you ladies so much I have a follow up appt on April 17 and I am hoping to get more info. Making a list is such a great idea because I feel like once I'm there I draw a blank. I also felt bullied in to getting the extra testing she kept repeating it after I said no that it would change anything for us they never offered the maternity 21 testing that is something I will ask about .. They will continue to have us do ultrasounds every 3 weeks if the issue hasn't resolved ... I appreciate all your comments and prayers they mean so much and I will be sure to update and if any of you think of other questions I should ask it would be so appreciated
  • Our little guy had fluid in one kidney 4 weeks ago and they said that it's pretty common (especially in boys) and often corrects itself. Today there was less fluid but in both kidneys and they said the same thing: not to worry, it will probably correct itself and its pretty common. Everything from the blood test came back fine and he has no other markers so they aren't concerned. I would try not to worry too much at this point as things change pretty quickly in there ;-)
  • Thank you @GirlOnTheBeach that made feel a lot better glad to hear that it's correcting itself on your little guy !
  • Thank you @GirlOnTheBeach that made feel a lot better glad to hear that it's correcting itself on your little guy !

    I'm in there every two weeks for ultrasounds (not related to the kidney) and they are pretty upfront during my appointments so I feel like I can trust what they say about it. Hopefully it will clear up by your next visit!
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