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August mom in bed rest need support.

My baby girl is do in August, but I am in bed rest since week 10 until I deliver, short cervix. Any one in the same boat?

Re: August mom in bed rest need support.

  • My first one I was on bed rest for three months, I feel your pain! :( I always thought if it happened again I would try to do online classes. I will pray it goes by quickly for you!!
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  • I'm on day 2 of bed rest until 37 weeks. I'm almost 22 weeks and I also have a short cervix and was dilating. I had an emergency cerclage put in on Saturday and progesterone suppositories every night. What have you been doing to pass the time? Are you on strict or modified bed rest?
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  • Oh I'm so sorry! Do you have any hobbies you can do in bed? Maybe watch some netflix?
  • I am being monitored with a short cervix. My next ultrasound is this Friday... I am scared bed rest will happen eventually during my pregnancy as my mom also had the same issue with me and my 2 sisters. Just curious, how short is yalls cervix. Mine is currently a 2.6 and I am 21 weeks.
  • Do you like to read? If so, what types of books? Do you have Netflix as PP recommended? If so, what types of movies/shows do you enjoy? Maybe we can all help by providing recommended read/watch lists for you! Also if you have a tablet or smart phone, there are lots of time killing apps....jigsaw puzzles....trivia crack.....candy crush.....words with friends.....mah jong....

  • I was at .8 before the cerclage now I'm at 2.1
  • Oh okay! Thanks! This short cervix stuff is scary and worrisome!!
    My mom had the cerclage with my little sister at 23 weeks and didn't have any complications after that and delivered full term.
  • Coloring maybe also? It Will give you something to do with your hands. And if you haven't read the Janet evonovich number books I highly recommend them. Laugh out loud funny. Good luck
  • I am too. I'm on disability so I spend my time at home. Taking care of my dd. We watch netflix and play with her. I understand the nothing to do alone feeling.
  • I am. I'm 23.2 weeks. Have been on bedrest and progesterone suppositories since 20 weeks. Had a cerclage placed at 12.5 weeks. Bedrest is hard! But hopefully worth it in the end. Have you heard of a group called Sidelines? Google them, send an email for support, and join the Facebook group. Lots of cerclage/progesterone ladies there and everyone is on some variation of bedrest - strict/modified, home/hospital. The success stories are very reassuring and prove we can get through it :)
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    I am on bed rest since week 19. I have been diagnosed with incompetent cervix and preterm labor which is not a very good combination. I spent a week in the hospital and have been on strict bed rest at home ever since. I am 24 w and 1 day now so we celebrated viability day yesterday. Although I would ,of course, prefer to carry my baby boy full term it is a relieve once you pass that 24 week mark. I am currently in school and have been keeping up with my classes online. Netflix and Pintrest occupy the rest of my time. Some of the shows I enjoy bundge watching are Friends (absolute favorite!), How I Met Your Mother, Revenge and Scandal. Bed rest is more of a mental challenge than it is physical so even though it is hard it is all worth it at the end. The longer it lasts the better for the LO so just try to enjoy it and stay possitive :)
  • If I were on bed rest I would
    Organize all my digital pics
    Make some photo books to be printed
    Crochet and or quilt some for baby some for charity
    Read books
    Make sure I was in a bedroom with a nice view
    We have a spare bedroom I think I would stay in there during the day and sleep in my room at night
  • I'm not on bed rest with pregnancy but I have been in bed rest for the kidney failure I had. After spending a week in the hospital and a few rounds of dialysis I wasn't aloud to do anything. It's sucked! So I know how you feel. I actually learned how to knit. Made time go by so fast! I made a ton of stuff! Something my husband did for me was go to red box movies and get some snacks and we would have a movie night.
  • Same exact boat actually, lol. Short cervix so I am on level 3 of bed rest right now. It gets boring, I agree, but I try to keep busy as best as I can. I read a lot, and can very easily get lost in a good book or I'll knit for an hour while watching a good movie. I have always kept a journal and when I found out I was pregnant, I started a baby journal. I write in it almost every day, almost like in talking to the baby. Just try not to sit and do nothing because it can get a little depressing. Maybe make yourself a little daily routine. Like today mine will be something like this... Make breakfast in the morning, and go online for a little bit, at 11:00 read a little bit. At 1:00 ill make lunch, at 3:00 i'll organize some stuff in the closet. 4:00 ill give my friend a phone call, 5:00 ill make dinner.  6:00 i'll do some laundry at 8:00 i'll watch a good show on tv. :) Just try to stay positive and get creative with your day.
    Always hold on to hope ❤
  • Ooh you should get into some video gaming.

    Hearthstone is free and easy to play in bed, that's what I would be doing! And maybe some Heroes of the Storm or Diablo III. I would probably get into an MMORPG too, maybe start up World of Warcraft again. But Hearthstone is probably the best bet, it is easy to play that one-handed while nursing an infant since the matches are pretty short.

    If you want a fun book series to read, I recommend Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.
  • I am not on bedrest now, but I was previously due to some bleeding early on in my first trimester.  4 weeks total.  It was excruciating to not be up and about, but just remember that you are doing it for your LO.  Luckily, my issues seems to resolve on their own (fingers crossed).  It is scary, however, when our bodies don't seem to be cooperating.  Just have faith...and definitely pick up some good books or commit to a new series on TV, it helps to pass the time :)
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