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Slightly underweight pre-pregnancy

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i started my pregnancy a little underweight...maybe by 3-5 lbs. I have been around that weight for 8+ years...even while dealing with an eating disorder my weight didn't really fluctuated greatly.
however after only 13 wks of pregnancy I have gained 10, almost 11, lbs. it gives me such anxiety...I eat healthy..give or take some cookies or chips every now and then..but I don't go overboard by any means. I eat 1500-1800 cals a day.
I understand some of this is blood volume, fluid, etc... I just would love to hear of some similar situations...it might help me cope with the gain.

Re: Slightly underweight pre-pregnancy

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    You are fine.  Don’t worry about gaining weight during this time.  You can always lose it after.  Gaining weight is a good sign your baby is growing.  As long as you aren’t overindulging and getting some moderate exercise each day you are on track.  Especially since you started underweight you will probably need to gain 35 lbs. during pregnancy.  You aren’t fat, just pregnant! 

    1.  Eating a well-rounded diet with all of the right nutrients along with at least 30 minutes of exercise per day is important for a healthy pregnancy. For most pregnant woman, the right amount of calories is: About 1,800 calories per day during the first trimester. About 2,200 calories per day during the second trimester.

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    I was underweight to start all my pregnancies, it's genetic and just the way I'm built. With my second child I gained about the same as you in the first tri and totally freaked out. I gained slowly after that and ended up about 30 lbs in total when I had him.
    I guess my point is- some pregnancies you gain in the end and some you gain throughout. Eat healthy food when you're hungry and try to not freak out about it. You're body is telling you what it needs :)
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    I was underweight with my first pregnancy (my son is 10 mths) and ended up gaining 50 lbs with healthy eating and not eating for two. I couldn't control it. I could have exercised more I guess.
    You're definitely going to gain more then if you're were normal weight. I think around 35 lbs. You shouldn't worry though. You're supposed to gain weight and the dr would tell you if your weight wasn't normal.
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    Hey there! I was in your shoes... I was underweight but very fit and had great lean muscles pre pregnancy. And I was thrilled about getting back in the gym and preparing my body for bikini season. But- God had a different plan for me. I have a hard time with the weight gain thus far because I put it on FAST regardless of the fact that I WAS eating really well and NOT gorging myself on junk. It didn't make sense at first but I think as pregnant women, our bodies demand the extra fat in order to support our little one inside. Just remember every time you eat that you are eating to keep the baby alive and to support its growth. so eat wholesome foods and embrace the changes because it's a sign of the incredible miracle that we are carrying :) in the end- the weight will come off... Especially if you have good dietary habits to begin with! Good luck to you... We are here with you!
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    I was underweight with my first. I gained 45 lbs but I also ate a lot of junk and fast food bc I couldn't fight the cravings. A LOT of that weight was water. I swelled so bad. It was a definite adjustment, but just remember that pregnancy isn't forever. 9 months of your life. It took me a solid year to get back down to where I was, but that's bc I was so tired I didn't have the energy to bounce back like I wanted.

    If you are concerned, eat mindfully. Eat whole foods. Throw some exercise in. Don't deprive yourself or your baby. In the end, the weight won't even matter. I promise you that.
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    FTM and I started out on the low/normal range of weight (117lbs 5''5). I was an avid exerciser and while I ate whatever I wanted, it was mostly whole/organic food, no bread/gluten/pasta etc. I was pretty fanatical about my exercise and I think this is primarily what kept me thin. 

    I am 12 weeks 3 days and I've already put on 13lbs or so! I've been pretty disgusted with myself, but I keep telling myself:
    1. it's all worth it to have a healthy baby
    2. I know how to eat and exercise and I can get right back to it as soon as baby is born (hope I am not kidding myself!) 

    I totally get how scary this is. I feel like my body has been taken over by aliens, none of my clothes fit, and I just feel like a blob. Most of the gain is due to the lack of exercise and abuse of gluten free bread products (only foods that stayed down). Morning sickness and fatigue have been brutal for me this trimester. I could barely make it through a day of work, so exercise was out of the question. I am finally starting to get out of the fog, but then feel to embarrassed to go back to my gyms (yes, plural) to work out...

    I am not sure that I have any words of wisdom (since I am right there with you!) besides the fact that you are not alone!! I think for those of us on the lower end of the range, we are going to gain what we are going to gain. Even my dr. said that he wants to see me gain at least 40lbs with this pregnancy. I don't remember what he said after because I think I blacked out at the time! 

    Good luck and take care of yourself and keep us posted! :) 

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    I wouldn't be too worried. I've been dealing with an eating disorder for many years and started off this pregnancy right on the cusp of underweight/ healthy, I've been gaining weight very easily (thank God only in the stomach) since I had been restricting myself to 700 calories a day plus tons of exercise for way too long and my body doesn't know how to react. But the fact that you're eating healthy means a lot, it means that the weight gained is for the baby and your body is reacting in a way that will make the baby have its healthiest, happiest chance. Just make sure you stay healthy and active and don't be ashamed if you need to talk about how that feels. Since you have dealt with an  eating disorder you know how crucial it is to talk about it so that you don't put yourself in an unhealthy situation, especially now that it's not just you. I'm here if you need me and I know a lot of pregnant woman have experienced the same or similar situations. Don't feel like you're doing this alone... And try to embrace the dreaded "baby weight." Chances are if you sustain that healthy and active life style while pregnant, you'll be able to shed the weight easily after, plus your baby can be with you and learn those healthy (not via starving) eating habits from a young age. Use your experiences to stimulate your approach to parenting. I know I would never want my baby, boy or girl, to abuse their body like I have for so long so I'm just trying to accept the weight that comes (when it's healthy added) and set a healthy example as they grow up. 

    Good luck! Again, we're all here for you if you need a/ some shoulder/s.
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