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Unexpected weight gain

I am a FTM who exercises at least 4 days a week, cardio and strength training, and eat a well balanced diet (overall). Yet these past several weeks (currently 22 weeks) I have packed on weight like crazy. The funny part is, I haven't gained inches anywhere except my boobs and tummy. Arms, legs and hips are all same as pre-pregnancy measurements. Just doesn't "make sense" to have 16 pounds go only to my boobs and belly.
Is anyone else experiencing this or had doctor input?

Re: Unexpected weight gain

  • I'm almost 21 wks and have gained 17 lbs, also feel like it's all belly and boobs somehow. Maybe I'm delusional and it's other places too but I really feel like it's all out front. I gained 5 of those lbs in the last 2/3 weeks, quick gain all of a sudden.
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  • I wouldn't fret too much about it.  With pregnancy, you kind of have to let your body do its thing.  I am eating and exercising the same as I did pre-pregnancy, but I am obviously still gaining weight (all in boobs and belly same as you).  It is rough for me since I loved my non-pregnant body and am not comfortable with extra weight.  But it is temporary....just stay healthy for your baby and yourself and concentrate on getting back to normal post-birth. Don't worry, it is all worth it!


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  • I gained 5 in the last week... I was on vacation though... I'm up about 20 now at 21 weeks, but I started underweight. I think I gained a little over 40 with my daughter and am unfortunately on the same track this time :P Most of mine is belly and boobs also, but I'd be lying if I said my butt and thighs were not looking a little chunkier...
  • I workout 6 days a week and eat healthy. I had a big spurt (5lbs) from week 16-18, then about 4lbs from 20-22 weeks. Very little gain in between. I'm at 14lbs total now. I think it's normal to have it come in waves for some people. I also noticed the biggest changes in my bump in those weeks!
  • Sounds normal to me- I too am very active with exercise/weights and have a clean eating diet- I am up 15lbs at 22 weeks- my belly is big and my boobs are huge- this is much different then with my first, with my first I got big all over

    If your pretty much eating healthy and exercising then its all necessary weight and nothing to worry about

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  • Thanks for the encouragement ladies! The extra inches are clearly going to the "baby" areas. Good to know that others are eating well and exercising and still gaining a good amount. Yes, healthy should be the goal and my focus!
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    I'm so glad you posted this! I have been steadily gaining and was 12 lbs up at 19 weeks. Now at 21 weeks I am up to 19 lbs (7 lbs in 2 weeks). My habits didn't really change in this time. I totally panicked that is keep gaining 4lbs/week and be huge by August or that I had pre-eclampsia or something! I set an appointment with my OB for Friday instead of waiting for the following week. I think I may have overreacted but as a FTM with no frame of reference it's really scary! Looks like I'm not alone though. My weight is also showing all in the boobs and belly! Thanks ladies!
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