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No appetite

I'm 20w1d and I'm thankfully not throwing up or feeling nauseous thanks to all the meds I'm taking. My problem is that I don't have any appetite at all. I hate having to eat. Nothing sounds good or even tastey. I eat fruit and cereal but that is getting boring also.

(btw I do have anemia, take iron and my prenatals)

Anyone else who feels the same? Can relate? :( I've only gained 7 lbs.

Re: No appetite

  • This happens to me, although it was more so up until about 16w.  I haven't gained much and I didn't with my last pregnancy either.

    Try to find foods that are high calorie that you enjoy.  Also, try to eat little amounts on a regular basis.  I am a grazer; I eat a cereal bar around 8 am, an apple around 10, a pop tart or almonds or crackers around 11, a small lunch at 12, etc.

    I have a few go-to foods that I know I will enjoy that I try to eat when I realize I haven't been as hungry or eating as much.  For me it is soft pretzels and bagels.

    I hope this helps.

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  • Same here.its really hard for me to eat more then I use too. Only have gained 4lbs
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  • @mommyofX I wasent even a big eater to begin with. Deffinetly understand what your saying.
  • I didn't have an appetite at all during my first trimester. I had to force myself to take bites of things. After a few weeks, I called my doc and they suggested drinking an Ensure with the extra protein. It will definitely help you get some calories in and will give baby some nutrients too! :)
  • I did ensure with my first HG pregnancy. It was a lifesaver as my anemia was terrible and my stomach was working to hard to accept food. Maybe I should try it again. Thanks for the reminder.
  • I'm 20 weeks and 2 days I haven't gained any weight but the baby is fine . I still throw up and get nausea but home made food is always my resort I can't cook cause smell bugs me so my grandma always cooks for me. Try crackers, white rice, bread, sprite, eat anything that sounds good anything you crave try to eat anything is better then nothing
  • I have the same problem. Not naseous but just dont feel like eating anything. I have to force myself to eat. Yogurt and fruit or fiber one protein bars are my go to foods lately. 18 weeks and have only gained 2lbs. I think I'm going to have to try some ensure!
  • I have actually lost 2 lbs since 3/20. This pregnancy is so different then my 1st. I'm literally forcing myself to eat I have zero appetite Nothing sounds good or looks appealing if anyone know of a high calorie protein shake please share.
  • Does it hurt the baby if you dont really eat much. I feel like I have to force myself to eat lately.
  • I had no appetite from about 14 weeks in my first pregnancy right up until the birth. I only gained 4.5 kg all up(about 8lb). My ob wasn't worried and my baby was fine. I just tried to eat small healthy things.
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