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"Girls steal their mom's beauty."

Someone told me today they could tell I was having a girl because girls "steal their mom's beauty." My first thought was "rude" but my second thought occurred as I was looking at my brittle breaking nails, frizzy hair, and crazy skin :( hahaha. Anyone else think this wives tale may be true? It made me start to wonder if I'm the only one carrying a girl and feeling horribly ungirly.

Re: "Girls steal their mom's beauty."

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  • Not at all. With my son my skin was blotchy and gross. My hair was shedding and I felt hideous. Im getting so many compliments this time on how I'm glowing, my skin is so clear and how "beautiful" I am. I do feel prettier this time around which makes gaining weight easier.

    Everyone is different though.
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  • I feel hideous. My hair has more gray, my skin is dry and blotchy and I'm definitely not glowing. I'm having a boy :(
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  • Lol this makes me laugh because with my daughter i broke out really bad and had this weird brown spot on my face, my son i had none of that.. And this baby we find out its a girland same thing.. Super broken out. Its just an old wives tale but in my case its pretty funny
  • @Miz_Liz I think I could make a book of strange and rude things people say to pregnant women! Some people just have no filter!
  • @CaliforniaDream87 I'm so glad you're having a different experience this time around! I guess every pregnancy really is different, even with the same woman. My hair is coming out in handfuls in the shower!
  • @bpwife&mama Eeek :( Pregnancy definitely has its downsides. With all the craziness, I'm just grateful to be out of that "is she pregnant or is she fat" phase :/ hahaha
  • @CaliforniaDream87 I'm so glad you're having a different experience this time around! I guess every pregnancy really is different, even with the same woman. My hair is coming out in handfuls in the shower!

    Hair falls out a lot after birth too....something I feel no one warns you about!

  • @julie1445 Hahahaha! My skin looks awful. I have this strange spot next to my nose! Wtf! Not to mention the new moles that decided to show up. It will all be worth it in the end. In the meantime, I feel so off. Especially with all the extra blood flow and extra sweat! Haha
  • @Miz_Liz My DH will be thrilled about that. He has already unclogged the drain twice :/ hahaha
  • I can't believe someone would say that. Just more proof that people think they can remove their filter when talking to a pregnant woman.
    This is my second girl and I've been lucky that I haven't broken out too bad with either. My best friend has 4 boys and pregnancy is rough on her skin.
  • Someone said that expression to me recently. My response was, "well he's definitely a boy." It was kind of fun to watch her try to back paddle, "right! Well...you look nice so...uh...I guess it must be true then!" Lol it was a hot day and I was at a garage sale... Not one of my prettiest days lol
  • This is my third pregnancy. I was definitely prettier with DS than I was with DD. I can't really say DD caused any problems in particular, I never had break outs or anything weird, but looking back at pictures I felt like I looked better with DS.

    I'm team green, but other day someone said "you're having a girl, I can tell by your face" so I pretty much assumed this wives tale was what they were referring too. We'll see I guess!
  • It's been true for me. I never ever break out but since being pregnant my skin is a mess. My skin is also very sensitive now, I used moisturizer because my skin was dry and I ended up with red splotchy spots on my face.
  • It's true for me!
    I have never broken out or really gotten acne.. Ever.. And since becoming pregnant with baby girl it's constant and everywhere! My hair is thinning out more than it already has been and I just look like a mess. O:-)
  • I was great with my son. My hair was perfect and my face was pretty clear (I have bad skin). This time I look like a freaking teenager with all of my breakouts. My back is breaking out and that has not happened since high school :( Not sure what this baby is yet, but it is true what they say all pregnancies are different. At least in my case ;)
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  • Pregnancy will make each woman's body react in a different way, regardless of whether she is having a boy or a girl. I'm having a little girl, and honestly, besides the bloat here and there and just feeling "big" all the time, I think I look better than I have in years. My nails and hair are healthier than they've ever been, my skin has been clearing up (I've had acne issues since I was 12), and my skin has been getting this cute pink glow. I'm loving it, and feeling extra-beautiful (which is a big change for me, because I've never been one to have a very high self-esteem). But again, every pregnancy is different, so it won't be the same for everyone.
  • I am a FTM, having a girl, but my skin and hair looks exactly the same. Lol. My skins dry, but that's largely due to winter weather and stretching which happens to me every year.
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    My skins a little dry, but people say I'm glowing. I did feel ugly this winter, but that's because winter makes me feel ugly. Now that its warming up, I'm feeling much more attractive. Having a girl.  Also, that lady is rude.
  • After having 2 boys and 1 girl, and now being pregnant with another girl...I actually kind of agree with the saying.  Yes, when I was pregnant with my boys I had horrible acne, but I felt beautiful.  With my last pregnancy (DD), I just felt like a bloated cow my entire pregnancy.  I can honestly say I've worn more makeup this pregnancy (another girl) than I had with both of my first pregnancies (boys) put together.  I just don't "feel" pretty anymore...so, I totally get it. 

    P.S. - This pic is WITH make-up on!  Notice the lions mane that MUST remain in a ponytail for fear it might eat my head...LOL!!

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  • I'm having a boy and my skin and hair is so dry!! I have these red splotches on my face from it being irritated from just about anything. And my hair never got that pretty pregnant shine. I def. Never got that "amazing pregnant glow". So I guess boys steal beauty too lol...such nonsense.
    Always hold on to hope ❤
  • I'm having a boy and feel like a total hag. My skin is dry and blotchy, I'm puffy and my hair hates me.
  • I'm having a girl and my skin has been really funky so far. I'll either get a weird rash or I'll break out like a teenager on my face and chest. Boo! And my hair and nails are as dry and frizzy and brittle as ever. Although I've got curly hair and it's normally awful anyway lol
  • Oh my goodness, with my daughter I felt like a monster! My face, chest, and back broke out with acne like I've never seen before, I was a train wreck! The good news: All my dashing good looks came back with a vengeance after she was born ;) cheer up momma!
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    My hair is a frizzy mess and untamable, my skin is dry and I never feel pretty. Add in the morning sickness where I was throwing up every 10 minutes to add to my disheveled feeling. Definitely not feeling so hot. My husband keeps telling me I'm beautiful and I have to resist the urge to tell him to stop lying lol. I'm terrible

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  • Hahaha! All of these have me laughing but feeling better that I'm not alone. My nails in particular are awful. They're brittle and breaking off all the time! My hair isn't growing either! Someday when my daughter is older, I'll tell her about allllll the crazy symptoms and things I endured to get her here ;)
  • That is rude to say!
    But I do believe the old wives tale. I feel like a bloated cow. I've never felt uglier. I'm having a girl! I'm still looking out for that "pregnancy glow"... but I'm 5 months now and it might be time to give up on that. Lol.
  • That was so rude!!! I can't believe the things that come out of some people's mouths, they definitely should have been taught better.

    I have a son, a daughter, and am pregnant with DD2. I've honestly seen no difference in any of my pregnancies in terms of appearance (before, during, or after pregnancy).

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  • I would have to say no because my skin is awful and I am expecting a boy.
  • Wow, that was extremely rude of them. im having a boy and ive been having horrible breakouts & my hair gets oily so fast now, but my nails have never looked better lol. i have to trim them twice a week to keep from scratching myself.
  • First, I will say that I did not read all comments above. I am having a boy. Hair is dry and frizzy, starting to break out, and cannot keep the body hair under control. I'm tired and hangry all the time. Not to mention nothing fits or is comfortable (can I just go around naked? Well, once this damn state warms up). So if the wives tale is true, I'm either having a really flamboyant son or my daughter has a penis. Now, back to my opening comment about not reading all posts, I am going to go ahead and say that babies in general steal moms beauty.
  • Just make face is bad. I broke out so bad 2 weeks ago and it hasn't went away and my skin is super dry. But my nails are so much stronger and my hair is growing fast
  • I almost let myself believe this when I first heard it a couple of months ago. But I feel beautiful and can't wait to have my beautiful baby girl! :-)
  • RabbiRabbi member
    My FIL told me that stupid, rude phrase when I was only 8 weeks! When I said that he was being rude and thanks a whole hell of a lot for bringing up the fact that I look like shit, he said " I mean, you don't look BAD, just.....not as good as you normally do"
    Nice cover.
    Then I informed him of how many times I had thrown up that week, what my diet ( or lack of) had been, and told him to keep wives tales to himself. He is also the guy who keeps saying that he knew I was pregnant before I did because he is part Native American and could just sense it. Yeah, that 1/48th Native American you are really gives you the best powers of perception.....
  • I'm having a girl and I keep breaking out like crazy. However, pre pregnancy I used a medicated cream daily to prevent breakouts. Unfortunately, it's not pregnancy safe. Other than that, my hair and nails actually look great and I've been told I'm glowing (not sure I buy that one).
  • YES!!! My acne has been out of control! I need to get to the stage with the pregnancy "glow"! LOL
  • kat+1kat+1 member
    YES, with DS I had great skin and hard nails and supper fast groing hair that was so full. This baby is a girl and I have brittle nails and acne big time on my face and back and I am wishing for my skin and hair back :( but happy to have my baby girl
  • mlzenmlzen member
    Where my grandma is from they say if you look good it's a girl and if you loom bad it's a boy. With my first pregnancy I had boy and when she told me this old wives tale I was like thanks a lot I didn't think I looked bad. And apparently this time the same thing but and I'm goin for an ultrasound soon so we shall see what it will be this time!
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