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Prenatal yoga and pains

Ftm here and need some guidance. I went to my first prenatal class which was great by the way, but in one if my poses I felt the baby kick. Is that normal or did I hurt her? Also I'm feeling some discomfort in my pelvic area. Did I stretch it out and did I do something to my baby? Eventhough I know my limits, I didn't and wasn't in any pain for me to back out of a pose . Just afterwards my body is sore and pelvic discomfort. Should I worry ?? Thanks in advance

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  • I wouldn't be too worried. I take a prenatal yoga class and felt the baby kick during this past class. My body was a little sore too- chalk that up to some of the stretchy poses we did. When you were doing the twisty poses where you twisting your whole upper body (head to hips) to where baby was pointing in whatever direction you were twisting? If so, that might be the source of your discomfort. Our instructor is really good to remind us to point baby forward and only twist with our upper body (head/chest). Also - don't be afraid to talk to your instructor about pains especially if you're having them during class. She can help you either get in the right position or modify. Keep practicing!
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  • Thank you for the great tips. Um, I was doing the simple child pose and the instructor did say point chest out like you mentioned. My baby's head is down near the uterus, so I'm guessing she needed more room??? Not sure but next time I will mention that to her. It's a great experience and I love yoga. Not doing anything for five months then bam yoga it's intense for me :) ha ha this mama is out of shape!!!
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  • Unfortunately, that's common for me. I did a lot of yoga my first pregnancy, and have been doing Barre this one. Its like my pelvic bone is sore, but way back where my legs connect into my body rather than up front. My Dr said that whole area tends to get sore because the ligaments are loose and there's a lot off widening taking place. Its actually good to be doing the yoga to help all the surrounding muscles stay strong and support your back. The bad news is that this lasts all pregnancy for me...
  • I think it will be the same for me too. I woke up this morning and I sneezed and my uterus was sore lol also, my sacrum is off , sore, and tight. I felt great after class:/
    Anyways, I will just relax and drink plenty of water:) this mama is on bed rest until I need to run to get food ha ha
  • As a yoga instructor I feel the need to say this... Listen to your body. If something doesn't feel right don't do it and if you have troubles getting into a pose it if it's uncomfortable don't be afraid to raise your hand during class so your teacher can help you- that's what they're there for. Also, be mindful of your ligaments as they are becoming more stretchy than normal; you don't want to hurt yourself! And as the pp said make sure you are drinking plenty of water!
  • I second the above. Anything that doesn't feel right in my yoga class I just don't do, no sense creating worry and pain. Just ease out of the pose of it doesn't feel good to you. Each week may be different
  • Thank you ladies. I figured since I haven't did anything for five months, I would be feeling this for few days. Just was concerned because I never been pregnant before:)
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