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Pain shooting down my leg

I am now 40 and 3 days and the longer I seem to be pregnant the worse the shooting pain that goes down the front of my legs is getting worse I honestly I don't know when it's going to happen it just all the sudden happens and literally drops me to the ground I am afraid that I will be going down the stairs or taking a shower and cause some real damage anybody else having this kind of trouble? Also have you guys notice that the baby isn't really moving much the other night I didn't feel him move for over three hours and I drank sugary things and ate stuff not to mention I manipulated him and he still wouldn't move is that concerning or normal

Re: Pain shooting down my leg

  • As for the first part of your question, I had shooting pains down my left leg like you're describing at the end of my pregnancy, too. Probably one of the most painful and concerning symptoms I had as I, too, felt like I could easily just fall from it. It is likely the baby pushing on a nerve in the groin. It is gone now after delivering a week ago, so l would predict that your pain will also resolve once the pressure on the nerve goes away.

    As for fetal movement, when in doubt, call. The farther you are, the more likely the baby will have less room to move, but if you are at all concerned, they could always do a NST to check on how your baby's doing.
  • I'm just wondering with the pain is that a reason I can push for an induction
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    Edit because I misread your question.

    I would not think the pain is a reason they would induce early. I was scheduled to be induced at 41 + 1, but went into labor the night before. I also had prelabor for 9 weeks and sort of begged my OB for an earlier date because I was so uncomfortable, but looking back I'm glad I waited. The fetal movement would be a far more important factor in your OBs decision to induce.
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