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1st Trimester

no morning sickness!

i am 11 weeeks now and still no morning sickness. is this normal? whats goin on? 

Re: no morning sickness!

  • Yeah. It's normal. Be thankful. why would you want to be puking your guts out?
  • Yes I hardly ever was sick
  • Yes! Be thankful...I had no morning sickness just exhaustion during my 1st trimester but felt really sorry for other ladies who were sick all of the time. 
  • I'll tell you just like I tell every other mom. Symptoms or lack thereof is not any indication of a healthy pregnancy. Every single pregnancy is different. With my son I never once got sick, at all. With this baby I lost 15 lb and couldn't eat much at all untill about 16 weeks. My son was perfectly healthy. With my first pregnancy I was sick, had all the symptoms then had a miscarriage. So you can't go by symptoms. Be thankful you're not sick!
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