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i keep getting cramps and idk if I should worry

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    I get them like my normal monthly pains. Think it's body stretching but depends how bad they are. Unsure ask doctor
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    Are the constant? I'll get maybe one cramp here or there, but nothing that sticks around. I wouldn't worry too much unless you're bleeding. If you feel like a call to the doctor would put your mind at ease, call them.
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    I've also been getting some cramping and a bit of a lower back ache, like if my period were coming but it's nothing intense or constant. I do notice them lingering though but I am not too worried. I was actually going to create a post about this because this morning I was getting some but the cramps would go down to my vagina...!? They didnt last long, something I had never experienced, well not while pregnant. Has that happened to anyone else?
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    I was suffering from quite bad cramps, like really heavy period pains and lower back pain, sometimes I wouldn't have any all day, other times it'd be on and off for hours. No bleeding. I called my midwife and they sent me for an ultrasound.
    Everything was fine, it was just ligaments and muscles stretching and moving, and because I have loose ligaments, mine was more painful than it would be in a person with normal ligaments.

    Always call your doc or midwife if you're worried though, they can put your mind at rest or offer advice. I was told to lay down, get a back rub from my other half, take a paracetamol and drink warm milk or tea lol.

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