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Just need to vent..

Went to my sister in laws birthday party tonight. She is 4. And I have never been so annoyed in my life. I can. It stand little kids with no manners and who scream "Gimme!!" Or "Mine!!" I was ready to teach her a lesson or 2! My son is about to be 3 and gas way more manners than her. She was yelling gimme gimme! At him and he was looking at her like she was crazy. I said ask him nicely and politely. She refused and stomped her feet. So I asked me son nicely to please give her a toy back. And he said okay I'm sorry. And gave it to her. She didn't say thank you but he said you're welcome! So happily. I understand everyone raises their children different but nobody was batting an eye at her behavior! They just kept calling her a princess. She was even pushing down 1.5yr olds. And of course no thank yous after any of the gifts she opened. She just kept yelling "Mine!" If my son even looked at a gift. I had to get the heck out!!! She is the last child out of 6 on dad's side and last of 4 on mom's side. Blaaaaah! Still annoyed. Okay. Done.

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    Cant blame you at all, thatd get under my nails, too. I was taught manners very early on and there is no way i wouldve gotten away with behaviour like that when i was a kid! Either be grateful and polite or no gifts at all.
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    I hear you - I almost always am annoyed by other people's kids. Or actually, just other people in general. DH and I are very polite - we say please and thank you and are very respectful to other people and their property. It's overwhelming sometimes when people don't care what their kids are doing or don't care how their own actions affect other people.
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    O heck no! I can't stand that s**t I'm too opinionated to keep my mouth shut I shout the parents out ..because at the end of the day kids with no manners come from parents w no manners.... Our kids are a reflection of who we are.... We have a saying in my house " you get what you get and you don't get upset!!!!" My kids know a look is as far as it goes and when they were little even terrible 2's I don't ever recall him throwing any big embarrassing tantrums, once you see your kid is getting too grumpy to be outside take them home!!!!!

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    Yess!! So glad you ladies understand. Had to make sure it wasn't hormones talking! Lol I mean I was taught early on too to have manners and be polite. So I taught my son early as well and use manners with him and my husband every day so he sees it.
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