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Any 23 or 24 year old mommies?


Re: Any 23 or 24 year old mommies?

  • I'm 24. I'll be 25 when the baby is born. I'm preggo with my 4th baby. My husband& I are hoping for a girl! 8wks 3days
  • 25, first pregnancy....6 wk 6 days, married since October 2014!
  • I just turned 25, married, 2nd oregnancy but first baby and am 8 weeks 3 days. We had our first ultrasound yesterday with a heart beat at 172 bpm. We are so excited to get this far and everything to be sailing smooth, besides all day morning sickness!!! But it's a good sign and we will take what we can get.
  • I'm 24 and 8w pregnant... This is my second...first is two year old,his birthday was last week
  • 23 now but will be 24 when baby is born!
  • I'm 23 found out I was pregnant the day before my birthday March 19th
  • evankingxevankingx
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    23 & 9 weeks today : ))))
  • I just turned 23 on April 8th! I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and super happy....although morning sickness is a downer. My husband and I will have been married 2 years in July. What a blessing he is! :)
  • I'm 22, will be 22 when baby arrives, almost 23. Hubby and I have been married 7 months but together almost 6 years. He is over the moon excited, as am I :) I am 7w6d!
  • CDHaas89CDHaas89
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    My husbands and I one year wedding anniversary is April 12 2015! We are expecting our bouncing baby boy or girl on Nov 4th :) I'm 10 weeks and two days today. Our last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage last August, so we are pretty stoked everything's working out this time around :) we can't wait to meet our baby!
  • We are both 25 :)
  • HtheoHtheo
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    24 years old now. will turn 25 a month before baby. 7+4 days!!! first ultrasound on monday

    we celebrate our one year wedding anniversary may 15! been together for 6 years. total surprise but didnt prevent anything from happening for quite a few years
  • I'm 23, will be 24 in June! First baby at 9 weeks 1 day :)
  • bekahblankbekahblank
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    Had my 1st at 21 and now 8w6d with #2 and I'm 25, we just celebrated it 5th anniversary! DH is 28.
  • I am 24, 9weeks6days along. : )
  • jy0422 said:

    Hey! I'm going to be 24 in April and I'm 7 weeks along with my first :D

    My hubby and I got married August 9th 2014!!
  • CarrieOct15CarrieOct15
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    23, will be 24 in June. My SO is 26 & will be 27 when our LO is born. This is our first. :) 10w2d
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  • I just turned 23 on the 2nd and I'm almost 8 weeks :)
  • I'm 24 with baby number 1 and I'm 8 weeks
  • I'll be 24 on Monday. 9w6d's pregnant with 2nd baby. Been married for 4 years
  • I am 23 will be 24 when baby arrives... 7wks 2days. We got engaged about two weeks ago (which was a total surprise to me... before we found out about baby we had planned to get engaged in August). We are planning for a wedding next Fall
  • Im 24 ill be 25 when the baby's born... im not married but my boyfriend and i are committed to our new family.
  • I am 24 and 7 weeks. Will be 25 when baby comes. Not married nor engaged but have been with my boy friend for 3 years and we did plan this baby!!!
  • I am 22, I will be 23 when my baby is born. I am 9 weeks and 3 days today. I have a 3 year year old. She'll 4 when this LO is born. I am married and have been for almost 3 years. My husband is in the Air Force.
  • I am 23yrs old turn 24 on the 24th of April first time mommy help with IVF ..I'm 11weeks today and carrying TWINS ! Not married but been with BF for 5yrs and live together !
  • I'm 22, I'll be 23 when the baby comes. I'm 8 weeks and 2 days today. This is my and my boyfriend's first!
  • I'll turn 25 a few weeks after baby is born! 1st baby and my hubby and I are so excited! Our 3rd wedding anniversary is in June :)
  • I'm 24 & I'm 8weeks5days
  • I am 23 will be 24 when the baby arrives. I am 11wks today! Not married. My boyfriend and I are living together though. We are both excited about our munchkin. We are praying for a girl
  • I'm 23 now and a little over 9 weeks. I will be turning 24 a week before my due date.
  • 23 and 9wks with my third. :)

    From the moment I held you in my arms, I knew it was meant to be.

    I adore her smile,
    I cherish her hugs,
    I admire her heart.
    But most of all,
    I love that she is my daughter. 




  • I'm 23 and I'm 7 weeks and 3 days along! I will be 24 about two weeks after my due date. This is mine and my fiance's first child. We are so overjoyed! :) Can't wait to start our journey into parenthood! ♡
  • The baby is due between our birthdays!! My husband's birthday is Nov 12, mine is Nov 17, baby's due around the 15th! I'll be turning 24
  • I'm 25 will be 26 when the baby arrives. Husband is 28. We've been married for 5 years. This will be our second child. We have a 5 year old boy, who is ready to be a big brother! :)
  • I'm 23! Will be married 3 years and 24 when baby comes! We're 10 weeks tomorrow! Yay for young mommies! Congrats to all!
  • Im 23. 8 weeks 4 days and happily married to my 26 year old husband its our first
  • I'm 23 and I'm 8 weeks 3 days :)
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