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Tingling extremeties?

I try to eat as healthy as I can, and I only drink water. I make sure I drink lots of water because my fingers have been swelling. 
BUT I've noticed that my feet, legs and hands are always tingling. Like they fell asleep even when I haven't been sitting still or anything.

I am in my 9th week. I am 8 weeks and 3 days.  I am so tired of everything tingling randomly.. its annoying. 
  Has anyone experienced this?  If so did your Dr give any advice or did you find anything that helps relieve it?

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Re: Tingling extremeties?

  • The day after I found out I was pregnant I ended up in the er because I couldn't feel my feet. If was as if both of them had feel asleep. I was terrified. Like I was walking on blocks of ice. The er doctor was an insensitive jerk and not helpful at all. I ended up talking to my gynecologist later that day, and he told me that my baby likely implanted on a nerve. He said there are so many nerves down there that are connected to your spine etc and while my situation was not common it is not unheard of. That was 6 weeks ago and to this day I still have this feeing in my feet. It is the only symptom I have. I don't know if this is the same thing that is going on with but it's a possibility. Also maybe you have poor circulation and could do well to take some baby aspirin. Talk to your doctor about it. Let us know what they say and I hope this gets better for you soon!
  • I definitely will, I don't go back until April 8th so I will ask them. I was thinking poor circulation too... I am taking Iron because I am anemic, and I take folic acid on top of a prenatal. I usually try to be active.. clean, go for walks, play with the kids. Its just so crazy because it happens so randomly, even if I am standing or moving. 

    Wow, I've never heard of that before, but it sounds crazy! I hope that feeling goes away. Maybe when the baby gets bigger it will?


                     35 Weeks with Baby Boy #3 

    Jace Thomas- 2 years old and Zachary William 5 years old!

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  • Tingling extremities could be a sign of high blood sugar/diabetes, have you checked your sugar?

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  • I had that with my first pregnancy. From like 10 weeks all the way to birth. It started in my hands and feet then started to move up to my arms and legs. For me it ended up being caused by really bad swelling. My doctor checked everything and it all came back normal, so he said the swelling was probably what was causing it. I know that the only thing that helped was massaging them as best I could, keeping my feet up as much as possible, and taking baths. Anything that relieved the pressure on my feet and hands I would try.
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