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Xp: 35 weeks and can't shake bad feeling/ hiccups

This was posted at some point in another thread, but I suppose I'm just at a loss as to how to deal myself.

Everyone has told me hiccups are totally fine. I track LO hiccuping 4-8 times a day ranging from 5 minutes to almost 20. There hasn't been a single day since before 28 weeks I haven't logged hiccuping and hiccuping multiple times in the day. Even though two doctors in my practice say it's just nervous system development I can't shake this bad feeling that there's a cord issue. My OB finally told me could do a non stress test every week from now until delivery if it would help my anxiety, which I plan to discuss with him at my 36 week appointment tomorrow. He also said I could have an ultrasound if I really wanted one but that it probably wouldn't pick up a cord issue even if there is one. I am thinking I will schedule one so that I have a chance to talk to the high risk doctor who reads them and see if he's in agreement about cord issues and hiccuping.

I feel so frustrated. My genuine fear is that I'm missing something that could be caught (and I suppose lead to a c-section to perhaps prevent labor complications) but that everyone will tell me how normal this all is until there is a problem. After going through infertility and severe anxiety I don't ever see trying to do this again and that makes me feel even more like I have to get to the bottom of this. What if I don't and something happens to her; it feels like this one baby is my one chance to be a mother.

I suppose this is a vent as much as an advice post. I've considered trying to find a doctor for a second opinion but they all want records and I don't really want to tip off my current practice to the fact that I'm having major trust issues. The OB I see is the highest ranked in my city for patient reviews online so it feels even more like I don't have a lot of options to investigate this.

I know infertility has messed me up, but what if lightning strikes twice? :( Any ideas?

Re: Xp: 35 weeks and can't shake bad feeling/ hiccups

  • I think you just want baby so much that you are so afraid something will happen. I lost many babies and it took many years of trying in order to get to meet my daughter. Everyday i risked my own life to just be a mom. I was so scared something was going to happen or that something was wrong. I had a beautiful healthy baby girl and so will you. Listen to your doctor's and calm your nerves. Stress is not good on the baby. Hiccups are a good sign that the lungs are doing what they need too. Good luck.
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  • My little one gets hiccups multiple times a day and I was never once told it could signify a problem. I'm 40 weeks today and he still seems mighty comfortable in there
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  • My LO got the hiccups multiple times a day in utero and still does at 8 weeks old. She's perfectly healthy. Hiccups aren't a symptom of anything bad. Talk to your OB, yes, but maybe you should also talk to a therapist or some sort of professional. It may help a lot to speak to someone about managing your anxiety, especially before the baby gets here.
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  • Sounds like the doctors are trying to do everything possible to ease your mind. I hope you're able to find someone to talk to for your own sake, as well as Baby's. This heightened level of anxiety is likely far more concerning than hiccups. Though I completely understand your fears, especially given the trials you've faced, I also think you should figure out some ways to reduce the stress.

    Have you read or heard somewhere that hiccups indicate a problem? I've never heard such info nor do I see any on Google. My second baby had hiccups in the womb very frequently and he was born healthy, remains healthy after 10 years, and also came into this world vaginally. I think everything will be a-ok.
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