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Fell asleep on my back at 10 weeks?

We all have a million "to dos" and "what not to dos"...why not dapper around with our most precious moment too...sleep.

I fell asleep on my back. Apparently that's awful. Left side is recommended (least comfy for me so I lie awake). I'm so stubborn that of course I prefer to sleep in all the ways that AREN'T recommnded. Out bodies have been hijacked by precious little cargos. But you know...I'd do whatever for my little one already

How do you sleep and is it any big deal? Anyone sleep on their back regularly and have you had any growth or health issues with your baby?

Feel free to enlighten me if I am inaccurate or you have heard other things. Just for discussion, not to worry anyone!

Re: Fell asleep on my back at 10 weeks?

  • Back sleeping in the 1st tri is ok. It is later on that is is a big deal becuase the weight of the uterus inhibits blood flood from the vena cava.
  • smeame14 said:

    You are fine! Baby is fine! Sleeping on your back doesn't become an "issue" until at least second trimester to mid second trimester, when baby actually has some weight that pushes the uterus onto the vena cava artery.

    With me, I still found myself laying on my back at times, and the doctor said that if your body feels that something is wrong, while laying on your back, typically you wake yourself.

    This 100%. Back laying is NBD and you'll adjust if you get uncomfortable. For me, laying on my back made me light headed so I just didn't do it.
  • Thanks ladies. "Cutting off blood supply and oxygen"...I felt like the worst person ever this morning.
  • Sleeping on your back or whatever is comfortable is fine in first trimester. You'll know you need to change positions because you'll be able to feel that it isn't right. I would suggest getting a pillow to put under your back/side so that you won't be flat on your back but still not completely on your side if you find that uncomfortable!
  • You'll feel it when you start cutting off blood supply and oxygen, because lying on your back once baby is big enough will make you short of breath.

    It's like they'll come a time when it's just not comfortable to sleep on your stomach.

    Left side is meant to be best for baby, but I've never managed to sleep comfortably on one side all through the night, I always end up switching sides, especially late in pregnancy.
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  • 32 weeks and I still sleep on my back. Albeit, I have osteoarthritis in my hips and left shoulder so side sleeping is often agonizing for me at times. Baby is fine, I'm fine. Just try propping yourself up on a lot of pillows so you aren't flat on your back--it takes pressure off your blood supply.
  • It's no big deal. Your body will definitely let you know when to switch positions. I knew a woman who was able to sleep on her stomach well into the third trimester. I did it until it was uncomfortable. I didn't accidentally stay in a position either. If I rolled onto my back, the discomfort would immediately wake me up. Do it until you can't.
  • I find it most comfortable to sleep on my stomach recently. But I also find I can't sleep more than a few hours without waking to move no matter what position I'm in
  • Sleeping on your stomach is fine, too. The baby is cushioned by the amniotic fluid.
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  • 26 weeks and still wake up on my back. I find it so uncomfortable to sleep on side, I just bought a snoogle and it has helped tremendously with the hip pain
  • I'm 21 weeks and still sleep on my stomach. I've never enjoyed sleeping on my back but I lay on my back while watching tv, baby will be fine I promise.
  • You're fine


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