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Holy Bacne, Batman

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I feel like I'm fifteen again. Actually my skin wasn't even this bad when I was a teenager. It's mostly my back, but chest is also not great. No fun. Who's with me?

Re: Holy Bacne, Batman

  • Yep. Right here. Hello bacne is right.
  • My face is more covered in acne than its ever been! Starting on my back now, too. Just makes me feel.hideous :(
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  • I've got the bacne bad. You are still beautiful, and this will pass.
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  • I also have bacne! Try using a little sugar and water to scrub the parts you can reach. It helps me to exfoliate the skin and reduce some of the acne!
  • I am not having issues with my back nor face...but my rear end is just bad right now.
  • My face had been driving me crazy! I told my husband the other day I have more acne then an entire middle school..I didn't even get this much acne whwn I was going through puberty it's insane.
  • My chest is the worst! I couldn't wear a low cut shirt even if I wanted to! (Unfortunate because my boobs look great, they hurt like hell, but they look great!) I am also getting more on my face than usual and of coarse a few on the back. Like a pubescent teenager!
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  • I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. I don't think I was expecting my back and chest to feel greesy like they do. It's not the most fun thing I've experienced so far and I'm sure it won't be the last! ;)
  • Ugh, same here. Bumps allll over my upper back. I have a new tattoo (I was like a week or two pregnant; obviously unaware then) on my upper back that everyone wants to check out and I'm just like "mehhh." It's embarrassing

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  • My face and my back too ! I have 2 huge pimples right smack in the middle of my forehead and all over my upper back. Ekkkkk
  • My acne is depressing me, when will it stop so we can just enjoy this moment
  • My acne sucks right now! Face, chest, back...ugh
  • Try mask of Magnaminty from LUSH. It's a face and back mask that clears up acne
  • Back and chest are okay for now (knock on wood) but my face... Omg my poor, poor face :-S
  • All lush products work wonders! Most you can use while pregnant becauE they are all natural. I exfoliate with ocean salt on my back, chest, and upper arms and it clears up the acne pretty quickly. It also moisturizes!
  • I love LUSH! I feel ya ladies. I am bumpy on my face, back and chest. On top of that, im itchy. I have to be careful not to scratch my bumps.
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