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How much milk is your 1 year old drink per day

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i am wondering how much milk my daughter should drink a day now. I feel that she drinks way less How much is your lo drinks? Do you give them snacks between meal other than milk?

Re: How much milk is your 1 year old drink per day

  • My ped told me my 12 month old only needs 12-15 oz of milk a day. My LO eats well and demands more milk right now..we are averaging 18-20 oz. I know their intake is supposed to go down eventually. We have milk with breakfast in the am, lunch with water, a snack with milk, then dinner and a little bit of milk before bed. My LO definitely needs her afternoon snack. Hope this helps. Every LO is different so do what ur gut tells you.
  • My pedi told me 8-10 oz./day but not to fret about it. Every kid is different and they will let you know if they want more or less. He gets about 8 oz. Of milk and a lot of water.
  • mine told me 16 ozs.
  • Wow!  It looks like pediatricians are all over the board.  Mine said 16-22 oz.
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    I was told about 16oz of whole milk per day
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  • My pediatrician told me 16-24oz per day, but no more than 24oz given how fattening whole milk is.  Our son is drinking in that range although lately he seems to be taking closer to 16oz.

    PS I am sure I seem like a rando chiming in here.  I was "part of" the board, but only lurked while pregnant with DS.  I was a FTM and didn't feel I had anything valuable to contribute during pregnancy as all the questions I had were more appropriate for my doctor or just doing a little research on my own.
  • About 16-24 oz a day, sometimes slightly more towards the 24oz mark if he has a smoothie. 

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