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morning sickness at work

Hey all,
My boss knows about my pregnancy but I would like to pass the 12 week mark before I tell everyone else here. I was just wondering how you dealt with morning sickness at work? I haven't actually thrown-up yet but I've felt very close so I keep running to the bathroom. I just don't want other people to ask me what is wrong although that will probably be inevitable. I keep water and crackers at my desk but even just the thought of eating crackers makes me sick. Anyone have any other tricks for dealing with it?

Re: morning sickness at work

  • Sour candies, the motion sickness wrist bands (pressure point ones), sprite.
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    Same here!  I've discreetly brought in my stash of B-6, Ginger pills, Preggie Pop drops, Ginger Ale, saltines and morning wellness tea and stored them in my desk.  I am able to close my office door now & then which is great.  If Ginger Ale is too much of a giveaway in your office you could just pour it in a seperate cup or keep lemon/lime sparkling water at your desk.  Instead of Sea Bands I've been keeping those cute hair ties around my wrists with the knot where the bead would go, which seems less obvious.

    I run to the bathroom frequently, but nobody ever notices.  If they did I would just explain that I've been trying to do better about staying hydrated and the water just runs right through you!  Today was the first time I was worried about how I appeared, because I was feeling really bad.  I might as well have been painted green!  Luckily that has passed for the moment, but I had to get up to take a quick walk outside for some fresh air.  That helped.  Good luck!!
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