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hi my name is Emma!! And I live on the west side of Indy about 3 miles from the motor speedway?? I'm 8w3d and can't seem to find anybody close to my area that is the same trimester..or same area lol this is my first baby and I'm pretty excited and just wanted a few ideas to compare with other moms and see how others are doing!!

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  • I live on the Southside now but was in Clermont. We will deliver at iu west again because we had such a wonderful stay last time. I am 10 weeks today, so a little ahead of you but due in November too.
  • I'm 11 weeks now..I was 8w when I posted this lol
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  • Oh, now I see that. I don't come to this board often. :)
  • inanutchelleinanutchelle
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    We're due in Jan. This is our first. :)
  • Hi Emma! I'm due end of November and live downtown, husband and I are moving to Broad Ripple soon. Hope you have had a wonderful pregnancy and continue to have a healthy, comfortable one! Have you gone public with your pregnancy yet? If so, when did you announce?
  • Hi Emma! Congrats!! :) We live in Fortville and this is our first. I'm only 4w so we didn't plan to tell anyone yet, but my BP dropped at work yesterday and someone called 911 so the entire office heard the EMT yelling "so you're 4 weeks pregnant ". Exactly how I planned to tell everyone. Ha. Have you announced yet?
  • Hi! I'm Jennifer, and I'm 5w1d! We currently live on the southeast side, but sold our house and are in the beginning stages of building! We will be living with my parents (!!!) in the Greenfield/Fortville area until our house is done! 

  • You're by us. Are you using Hancock Regional hospital?
  • @Knottie - no we will be at Saint Francis South. We are building between Wanamaker and New Pal, and our house will be done in October. In the mean time, we will be bunking with my parents in Greenfield! :)
  • Hello all! I live in Fishers and this is my first pregnancy!!! I will be 7 weeks tomorrow. Funny story, my husband and I went to our first appointment at the fertility specialist and found out I was pregnant during the ultrasound :) we are thrilled! No morning sickness for me yet, just tired all the time. Would love to connect with the Indy girls!

  • Hi! I live in NW Indy by the Kroger on 86th st. I will be 15 weeks tomorrow. I'm due in Dec
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    My name is also Emma, and I'm 11w5days and live in the broad ripple area. We will be delivering at St Vincent Women's Carmel around January 7!
  • Hey all! I'm on the southwest side of Indianapolis !! I am working on photography and need a few more clients before launching my page! I'm due in January with a baby girl!! I was hoping to find one or two people who would like to get some pictures done for free?! I shot my own gender reveal- ha... But I wouldn't mind doing a gender reveal photo shoot of even just maternity shoot... Just something to get more to show!! I worked in a portraits studio which is way different.. I have so much more fun doing it on my own & hope to make this my career by the time my baby girl is here so I can be a WAHM! ;) (I posted a couple of my gender reveal pictures below- my son is in there too!)
  • I meant to make a new post don't know what happened ha!
  • @JAGClark you must be moving really close to me! Lol. We live in the same general area, and will also be delivering at St Francis South
  • Hi guys! I’m in brownsburg. I delivered at IU west twice but I hated it so i looked into more doctors and I’m going to be delievering at st Francis south even though it’s almost 40 minutes away. Just wanted a better experience this time aroundn 
  • @bartonolivia Just now seeing this, but I live on the Southside and I am also delivering at St. Francis South, I have heard a lot of good things about it!
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    @bartonolivia & @cwell2016 my SIL delivered there in 2014 and liked it a lot!
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