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1st Trimester

Excited but super nervous/anxious

Hi all, I had my first scan today. I am 5 weeks 3 days. Due on November 24th. We saw a sac and then a yolk sac inside ( I hope I heard him correctly). Then he saw another possible sac with no yolk sac inside. He said it could be twins but It also could be built up fluid. Anyone else have that?

I really only had 1 follicle at 14 when I triggered. There were two other smaller follicles that he said may have matured but he didn't think so. He said the mature one also could of split. And only time would tell. He also thought my blood work looked like a single. I'll know more today when my new blood results corn back.

Im so super exited. But I'm also really nervous. I'm feeling not prepared for twins, I'm sorry if I sound stupid I always knew it was a possibility but w one follicle I didn't think it was an option. I'm just so scared we won't be able to handle it. Either way I am so thankful this is happening and hope everything work outs.

Btw I am super sick no voice, really congested, terrible cough. I hope I'm not doing any damage. I don't know why I am waiting for bad news.
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Re: Excited but super nervous/anxious

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