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Easter Pregnancy Reveal Ideas?

My husband and I are planning to tell both sets of parents over Easter weekend our news (in person). Both sets of parents conveniently live in the same town.  It's our first baby and will be the first grandchild on both sides so we want it to be special and have some fun with it. We weren't planning on getting pregnant so we're pretty sure it will be a surprise no matter what...but we still want the announcement to be fun!

We've tossed around a few ideas but haven't really settled on anything...One idea I had was getting some blue and pink plastic easter eggs and hiding them all over the house and letting them gradually find the eggs and clue in....Not sure if we would put anything inside them or just let the blue and pink eggs do the talking.

Other ideas and thoughts are most welcome!
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Re: Easter Pregnancy Reveal Ideas?

  • My bff announced on Easter to her family. She made her mom an Easter basket with wine and candies. At the bottom she put a onesie with "coming November 2013" written on it in puffy paint. (Puffy paint is a family joke for them)
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  • We are thinking of announcing to our family on easter as well.. We have a 1 year old so we were thinking of doing something with her but definately interested in others ideas as well. A friend of mine announced last year on Easter and made a shirt that had a little chick in an open egg and said hatching in the month she was due.
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  • We are getting watermelon flavored gummy bears (I swear to bob that is the hardest flavor to find by itself) ((however we found the flavor all my itself on amazon)) and getting little eggs and because I was a theater kid in school we are doing little play posters and rolling them into the eggs with the announcement on them..with a little bottle or something cute to go with it..And the rest of our family members and friends that don't know are getting them
  • We are thinking of telling both sets of grandparents then too. We are all meeting together for Easter anyway.
    I was going to tell them my daughter are them each something and fill plastic eggs with jelly beans and a little note that said "we're spilling the beans! Pontot #2 is due in November."

  • I am also telling my family on easter. I hollowed out a real egg and put a little message in it saying "it's time to say goodbye to sleep without a peep! A new chickadee is on the way! Baby #3 due November 2015!" And decorated it really cute. I'm going to put it in a tiny basket for my oldest (she's 2) to hand to my mom with a little note by it that says "crack and read aloud" during our prayer circle before everyone eats :) I can't wait for their reactions!
  • We are telling family also on easter...I picked up plastic eggs and putting yellow peeps in them with little tags that say Hatching November 1, 2015. :)
  • This is our first and the first grandchild on either side, so we're scheming a cute announcement for Easter as well. My parents are coming over to our place & I was thinking Easter basket of some sort as well. DH's parents are out of state, so we were going to ship something to them & Skype with them as they open it! Keep the ideas coming as I need more inspiration!
  • My kids like to make cards for everyone for just about every occasion, so I'll probably have them make my MIL an Easter card and put the u/s picture inside.  She's the one who over-reacts to every single thing so I'm sure the screaming/crying/whatever else will clue everyone else in.

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    We are planing to share the news on easter too. This is our first but the second grandchild on both sides. I made mugs that say "grandma and grandpa" and "Kiki and Papa" and I plan to put a copy of the ultrasound in each one that say "Baby [last name], nov 2015" 
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  • We're announcing to my in laws on Easter and we did a EASTER basket full of goodies and a golden egg for them to open that has cute card stock in it that read "we're expecting" because in our family a golden egg is the "prize" egg :)
  • I like the Easter egg idea! I'm going to announce on Easter as well. I am going to have my hubby take "a family picture" but instead he'll be recording...and we'll say "Say Cheese" for the first one, & then "say We're Pregnant"! On the second one...and once they realize what's going on, I'll have their reactions on film forever :)
  • We are announcing to my parents on Easter too. Our first appt is tomorrow. I bought a large set of Easter eggs from target. I'm going to roll up one of the sonogram pics and tie it with ribbon then put it inside the egg.
  • We're announcing to my parents on easter too. I bought my daughter a "big sister" shirt so I'm just gonna put that on her at one point.

  • This is our first and we are also announcing on Easter! We are using custom wine bottle labels and bringing them to dinner. Just waiting to see if someone notices!
  • We got a grandkids frame for my parents to give on easter since it will be their 2nd grandchild. For his mom, brothers and future sister in law we got mugs that I am personalizing with grandma, uncle, and auntie, filling with jelly beans and a note to be sure not to spill the beans yet.
  • We're going to hand out easter eggs with blueberries inside to all the family members. When someone asks what the blueberries mean, we'll tell them "that's how big our baby is right now!"
  • I had a rank top made on etsy it says WE ARE EGGSPECTING across my chest and on my belly an Easter egg with a bow on too with two little feet inside it's adorable
  • How far along are you?! :)
  • We are announcing at Easter too. I'll be 9 weeks. I blew out some real eggs and rolled up a piece of paper that says "Baby Hatching Nov. 2015" and slipped it inside the eggs. I painted them and put them in Easter grass in boxes to wrap up. Each of our moms has one to break open!
  • we are thinking of doing the same on easter.. we will be 9 weeks, im not very crafty but thought of making an easter basket with plastic egss with candy and one with a sonogram photo. 

  • I am doing an Easter reveal to both sets of siblings. I like baking, so i am making sugar cookies in the shape of eggs to go into baskets for each sibling family and then there will be one big egg in the basket with a message inside that says something like we are egg-cited to announce baby #4 November 2015. Then i am going to deliver them the day before Easter since we wont see them all on Easter. My two out of town siblings will be getting a cute picture in an email. Our parents already know because my husband couldnt wait to tell his and my parents know because i had to tell my mom and my dad is a doctor so i needed his input on some medicine I was taking. 
  • I'm in the announcing on Easter club too! I was already in charge of making dessert for lunch with my mom and her boyfriend's family. I'm keeping it simple with pink and blue cupcakes. My mom will 100% guaranteed say "they look like they're for a baby" or something similar. I love the OP's idea of the pink and blue eggs and simply letting it sink in. For something to put in, see if you can find some candy that says "baby" or at least "mini" on the wrapper, just for the extra push. I hope everyone has an AWESOME time announcing. It's SO exciting.

  • These ideas are all great! @D22robinson I'm right at 8 weeks today! Due around November 5th.
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