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Possible Missed Miscarriage....? Or not??

So I had a little spotting this morning, so my O/B office had me come in for a Fetal Heart Check....and she couldn't hear anything on the doppler, but thought she found the source of the bleeding on my cervix when she did an internal exam.  She also had me come back a couple hours later for an ultrasound...

Well, the sonographer said I was measuring about 3 weeks behind (should be 11w3d, baby measured around 8w4d) and she wasn't exactly sure if she found a heartbeat or not - she wasn't positive about whether she had picked up my heartbeat, or just part of the vascular system.  After the ultrasound, I spoke with one of the midwives, who explained that if it was a heartbeat, it was only at 107 and since I was measuring so far behind she thought I was in the process of miscarrying.  My last ultrasound was at 7w5d and we were able to see a nice strong heartbeat of 153 bpm and the baby was measuring a couple days small, but within the so-called margin of error.

The midwife wants me to come back in a week to have another ultrasound, and did say there was a very small chance that it could still be a viable pregnancy, but she did not want to give me false hope.  

Has anyone had this happen before and then go on to have a viable pregnancy?

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Re: Possible Missed Miscarriage....? Or not??

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    I'm sorry I do not have the answer you are looking for.

    If you are measuring 3 weeks behind and there's no easy to find heartbeat, it is looking like you're coming back in a week to confirm no growth. That is what they did for me.

    I hope the week goes fast and you get a miracle, anything is possible xx

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