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Was the nub theory ever right/wrong for you?!

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Anyone had a good nub shot at 12/13 weeks? Was it a boy/girl nub and was it true for you?? I've heard it's about 75% accurate at 12 weeks and almost 95% accurate at 13 weeks! Those are both pretty high percentages so curious to know if this was right/wrong for anyone?

Re: Was the nub theory ever right/wrong for you?!

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    I would love to know this too. I was told 80 percent chance of having a girl at 13 weeks. We find out tomorrow though so I'll let you know. It's so strange though because there was something "there" that definitely looked boy to me. I can't wait to find out.
  • Yes!! Do let me know!!! Was their prediction based on the nub?? Or potty shot??
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  • Based on nub
  • Nub theory and skull theory were right for me!! He's a boy!!!! :x

    Ramzi was wrong. That kind of surprised me (I love silly predictors!) and I really had a gut feeling he was a he!
  • Yay! Congrats! I was told my nub looks all boy, but the tech wasn't sure if it was a boy/girl when I went to an elective scan at 13 weeks 4 days...it was probably wayyy too early i know...but still, I thought it might be obvious? :( Or hoping it was atleast.
  • New to all this, but what is "nub" ? lol thanks
  • Do you have your nub pic from your 13 week 4 day ultra sound?
  • I only have two profile pics from that scan and no nub to be seen :( But I do have some nub shots from my 12 week scan
  • Every baby has a "nub" protrusion that looks kind of like a penis at 12-14 weeks, and they say if the nub is angled up it's a boy and if it's flat and parallel to the spine it's a girl. The theory is suppose to be pretty accurate between 12-13 weeks gestation and you need a profile picture of the baby.
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