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Pregnancy Discrimination?

My Dr. Put me on 25lb lifting restrictions. My job entitles alot of bending n lifting heavy parts...up to +50 lbs. There are a lot of other areas for me to work that don't require me to lift heavy parts. My supervisor even said that I should be put on restrictions just to keep me safe. My HR came to me today and told me that I am being forced to go on short term disability and FMLA will keep my job safe for a year...they do not allow restrictions there. Even tho there is plenty of people there who are on larger restrictions then I am. I'm only 12 weeks pregnant and I don't know if this is right or not. My fiancée and I can't support our household with just him working. Please help :(

Re: Pregnancy Discrimination?

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    Thank you very much. Anything is helpful right now. I've called department of labor and filed a complaint also documenting any calls I make and I requested a statement from HR regarding y I'm being forced to take a leave. So hopefully all will work out. Its just a shame BC my fiancee and I should be celebrating and getting prepared for our bundle of joy but instead we r now worrying how we r going to survive on just one paycheck now. Thank you again. :)
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    I just saw an article related to this--a Supreme Court ruling in favor of the pregnant woman! https://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/supreme-court-rules-pregnancy-discrimination
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    I'm so sorry this happened to you. Definitely document like crazy, and you can also call a local lawyer for a free consultation.

    My aunt was forced to quit by her job, and she just did. Never understood her rights and they couldn't make a pregnant woman quit.

    Don't let them force you out of a job.
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