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Monday vents

Anyone want to bitch about anything?

Re: Monday vents

  • Why why whyyyy is it still -10c outside? I bought cute new rain boots and wore them once last week and now I'm back to wearing my sorels. And I have too many coats by the front door because the weather keeps fluctuating! I want to put the winter ones away!
  • I agree! Snow again today. It took me an extra hour to get to work. I also, have all these coats in the car for me and DS because I don't know which one to wear. So annoying, come on spring!
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  • Its Monday, freezing and snow, I have a nasty head cold as do both of my LO's, DD is extra cranky because she is also teething, DH has to work a super early shift the next couple months, so I have to take care of myself, both kids, our 2 large dogs and 4 cats along with taking our the recyclables/trash, do daycare drop off and get to work on time by my self. My 3 year old woke me up 3 different times last night because he needed a tissue, then needed a drink, then wanted to watch tv! AND one more time why for the love of god does it still have to be so cold out! 
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    Agreed with the weather! Mine isn't as bad as you girls but yesterday it was 75 today it is 50. I am ready for some consistancy!

    My time to rant..
    Now that LO is almost one EVERYONE I know keeps asking when we are going to have another baby. It is SO annoying. With LO we got pregnant a month after our wedding so I think people just assume we will be able to have another baby asap. We have been trying for #2 since January and I don't feel like I need to share that with anyone..except you lovies. ;)

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  • Weather! and keeping a house clean enough for showings. I hope this house sells quick. I'm tired of spending every weekend cleaning... ahhhhhhhh.
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  • Why is no one at the car place picking up the phone! I've been calling all morning and no one answers! I need a quote on getting our second car fixed so that dh stops taking our family car to work
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  • Winter is drunk. That is the only thing that explains this weather!

    I'm currently sitting in the parking lot of baby swim because of course LO feel asleep on the way! Luckily we are here early so I have a few minutes before we need to go in.

    LO was screaming so hard while we were trying to put her to bed she couldn't catch her breath. It broke my heart! It took over an hour to get her to go to sleep last night. It hasn't been that bad in awhile. I just felt so bad for her.
  • @Kriztyn I hope your house sells fast! When we sold ours a few years ago, I only had pets to clean up after and that was stressful! I can only imagine how hard it must be with a LO!
  • Thanks @Talltrees82 Poor kid only gets 5 toys to play with.. had to pack the rest out of view! :(
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  • I was in a good mood when I got home but DH was all pissy. Now I'm in a bad mood. Monday. Blah.

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