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Morning Sickness Remedies?

I am about 9 1/2 weeks and suffering from a bad case of morning sickness. Some days I can manage, but other days I can't keep anything down (including fluids). On rough days, I end up getting IV fluids if I can't seem to take any water. I've been given Zofran, but I know there has been a lot of controversy about how safe it is, so I try to only use it when I absolutely have to. So I'm wondering if anyone has found any natural or safe remedies for severe morning sickness that seem to work? Or any other (safer) medications to try than Zofran? 

Re: Morning Sickness Remedies?

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    Ginger ale !! Try to get the stuff made with real ginger !! Leave it carbonated ! It helped me soo so much !!
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    Get some preggie pops. They are all natural and actually taste pretty good. They help take the edge off.
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    Yes gingerale is a lifesaver! Sometimes I'm extremely nauseous and even a quick sip or two will almost completely relieve the nausea. This is baby number 4 for me in the fall of my pregnancies I suffer with extreme nausea and vomiting for about the first 15 weeks of the pregnancy. Ginger ale is the only thing that seems to help me as well as making sure I never have an empty stomach. I don't like you like drinking pop normally, special and I'm pregnant, but it does seem to help so I go ahead and drink it. I did try medication to ease the nausea when I was pregnant with my first but because I vomit so often I don't believe the medication has a chance to get into my system. besides telling you to drink ginger ale the only thing I can say is that hopefully you will soon be over the vomiting and nausea stage. I'm 11 weeks now and it is definitely gotten a lot better in the past week or two and I'm hoping like the last pregnancies by about week 15 it will be completely gone.
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