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Baby not pooping

my 7week old hasn't been pooping for 3 days could it be because I introduced formula with breastmilk ?! Should I take her to the pediatrician

Re: Baby not pooping

  • I would wait another day if she's not uncomfortable. I had the same problem when I introduced formula because my milk supply dropped and ever since then he gets about half formula half breastmilk and only poops every second day. Before he would go several times a day. The doctor said at his two month checkup that I could also give him a little prune juice if he looks uncomfortable and I tried that twice so far and it worked great with 1/2 oz. 
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  • I was also concern when my baby was pooping only once a day but my baby's pediatrician said some babies can go three days without pooping.. its normal
  • Our baby stopped pooping on his own at about 3 weeks old ( he used to poop 3 times a day before that). We tried prune juice and liquid glycerin suppositories. It would help but wasn't great. Two weeks ago we started giving our son premixed Gerber gentle formula in 3oz glass bottles and it did magic. He pooped on his own the same day and we didn't need to intervene ever since. As soon as we brought him back to powder formula he has the same problem again. Try Gerber milk based premixed formula. It works!
  • Try a teaspoon of prune juice mixed in 6 oz water.


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  • My 9 week old does the same as long as they are still making wet diapers and aren't acting uncomfortable I wouldn't get too worried just continue monitoring and if it starts to drag out further with fewer wet diapers then call the doctor
  • My ped said its normal to have breastfed babies not poop for five days. After that try and stimulate rectal cavity (thermometer) and if the poop that comes out is mustardy and squishy all is well, but hard round pellets is constipation and to bring in LO to office.
  • My baby poops every other day, and sometimes every two days. The doctor said that's fine. He gets breastmilk and formula. He's 10 weeks and has had this schedule since he was 3 weeks old.
  • I heard it was normal a woman told me her baby dosnt poop for up to a week and the pediatrician said its normal. I would personal give my baby a little bit of camomile tea in those little bottles that come in the kits with the nail clippers and stuff. I've done it when she use to be colicky worked great.
  • If the baby is not showing discomfort than it's perfectly okay for baby not to have any bowel movements for a week at a time. My pediatrician has let me know that some babies don't poop for up to 10 days. If in doubt and bday is uncomfortable take them to see their doctor.
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