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Weekend fun!

What are you ladies up to this weekend?

Re: Weekend fun!

  • As soon as LO goes down for his nap, I'm taking the dog out for a run. Then I'm co-hosting a bridal shower this afternoon! We got word yesterday that the venue has no running water. But they're providing water to flush the toilets. And I'm bringing a big blue jug for washing hands. We will take all the dishes home to wash. Fingers crossed this works out!
  • My parents arrive from CA this afternoon and will be here for two weeks. I am beyond excited!

    Good luck with the bridal shower, @Talltrees82 ! I'm sure you'll pull it off, even without running water!
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  • I'm rocking a sick baby while DH took our 3 year old on a big day to see Cinderella. She was so excited. I'm pretty sure it will be too scary for her though! I wish he had pushed for Paddington!
  • I'm working while dh took the kids to a birthday party formy son's friend. I'm hoping we can do something all together after I get off work
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  • We took the dogs on their first trip out of the house in maybe 3 months?... I've been a shameful dog momma lately.  They loved the park and J had fun watching them be silly.

    This afternoon I'm going shopping with a girlfriend, and then I'll probably be spending some time this evening making a shutterfly book and planning LO's first birthday and DH's 30th birthday.  

    Good times.  
  • We're going to toys r us to buy LO a playhouse for his b day, since it's on sale. Then I'm gonna work on making some "quiet time" activity bags for when DS1 wants to skip a nap.

    Tomorrow, we're meeting with a new potential babysitter since ours found a new job that doesn't allow her to sit for us. :-( It took 3 years for me to work up the guts to trust a sitter, now I've got to do it again.

    Baby Boy #2 is on the way!

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  • We have some friends in from out of town and did some shopping this morning. We're grilling tonight even though it's raining.
    Tomorrow we are going to a friend's birthday party. It's a first birthday and I can't wait to see what she gets!
  • Swim class this morning. LO LOVES it! She smiles and giggles the whole time then naps for 2 hours afterward! Win win in my book

    Buying a new car this afternoon. Then just relaxing tonight but taking a 2 hour drive tomorrow to see my grandparents. Busy weekend!
  • Sounds like everyone's really busy this weekend!

    Thanks @Sporty1216 , the shower went really well! We got compliments on how well we handled the no water situation. Phew!
  • Cleaning out and staging our house so we can list it!! Wastes my weekend but hopefully it sells quick!
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