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Missed period?

I am 10 days late I have taken a total of 5 tests but all negative?  I do not get it, I am always regular. any ideas of what this could be?
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Re: Missed period?

  • jnnfrrose6jnnfrrose6 member
    edited March 2015
    How do you know you are late? Unless you have been taking your temp daily and charting, or had ultrasounds, to confirm ovulation, you don't know if you are late. No matter how "regular" you have been in the past, your body isn't a machine and cycles change.

    To answer your question, "what could this be?" You ovulated later, thus delaying your period from what you're used to. Take a test once a week until you either get your period, a +, or reach 60 days, at which point you should contact your Dr to jumpstart your period.

    ETA just saw your siggy.. You're 7 months PP. All bets are off on what your new "normal" is for your cycle.
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