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How to fade acne marks during pregnancy

Hi everyone! I know there have been lots of threads about skin changes and breakouts, but my question is slightly different. Early on in my pregnancy I broke out really bad but now my skin is clearing up (thank God!) Unfortunately I can't enjoy it that much though because I have a ton of red marks left on my face from where the old pimples were. I have to spend forever applying makeup and it still doesn't totally cover them :( 

Does anyone have any recommendations of how to get rid of those red/brown marks? Obviously something safe to use during pregnancy. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

Re: How to fade acne marks during pregnancy

  • For any scars I have I use frank body scrub! It is a coffee scrub so I do t use it on my belly, but on my face it works amazing. Also after pregnancy I've heard it will do wonders as far as stretch marks go! It's packed with natural oils so it's super good for your skin and won't dry it out. I've seen some amazing results with my friends who have had bad acne in the past!
  • I believe Mederma scar cream is safe - run it by your OB though!

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  • There are some natural face scrubs and skin brighteners. I use fresh lemon. Also your dermatologist can help with safe products.
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